$1 Billion For Facebook and Instagram Creators Until The End of 2022

$1 Billion For Facebook and Instagram Creators Until The End of 2022

Facebook has dropped a huge incentive for their current and future creators on Facebook and Instagram by offering $1 billion to their creators until the end of 2022. Read all the details below!

On the way are new ways to earn including new bonus programs that pay eligible creators for ‘hitting certain milestones when they use their creative and monetization tools’. Facebook are also promising to invest in creators with seed money to simply produce more content. All of this comes 6 years after they started paying creators for posting original content on Facebook, whose viral video content arguably consisted mostly of stolen video snippets before that.

Affiliate scheme & shops for Instagram creators

Some bonuses are already available by invitation. But this summer there will be a dedicated place to apply on Instagram and one on Facebook this fall. Existing bonus schemes include the new Native Affiliate Tool for Instagram where Creators can recommend products to their followers and earn commission. Instagram are also making it easier to start your own shop within the platform.

The new Native Affiliate Tool for Instagram (image credit: Instagram)

New bonus schemes for “original” content

More new bonus schemes at Facebook include In-Stream ads for selected video creators. These ads would suit longer programming with ‘authentic’ content, which means “Designed to reward creators who are creating original and high-quality content that people enjoy”.

The Stars Bonus will include select gaming creators. Participating video and gaming creators will receive a monthly bonus for hitting milestones. On Instagram, the first bonuses will be available by invitation and will reward creators for signing up for IGTV ads and using badges in Live and Reels.

How will $1 billion be divided between creators?

The gauntlet has been thrown down by Facebook and Instagram to the other digital platforms. $1 billion will turn the heads of proven money making creators and there’s bound to be a bidding war for some of those.

More details are available on Facebook’s Creators blog here.

Are you a video content creator who is keen to join the Facebook and Instagram schemes? Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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