10 astrophotography tips to raise your nighttime photography game

Astrophotography is arguably one of the more technically challenging genres of photography out there. And even if you do know what you’re doing, it can be tricky if you can’t easily see what you’re doing. And if you’re new to it all, it’s especially difficult.

In this video, Trevor Jones at AstroBackyard gives us his top 10 tips for shooting astrophotography and answers a lot of questions you may have about gear and technique. Trevor also covers some of the logistical aspects of astrophotography, too, including powering your cameras for long periods of time in the cold dark night.

These are ten of the most common questions Trevor receives when it comes to astrophotography and I’ve seen plenty of these popping up on social media and even in the comments section here on DIYP. Despite being almost 23 minutes long, this video is not a complete guide, but it does cover a whole wealth of information.

  1. Which filter should I use?
  2. Should I use a refractor telescope or a camera lens?
  3. Which telescope should I upgrade to?
  4. Do I need to modify my camera for astrophotography?
  5. Where can I buy used astrophotography gear?
  6. What is the right backspacing for my camera and telescope?
  7. How do I focus my camera and telescope?
  8. How do you power your setup in the field?
  9. Do you really leave your gear out in the cold?
  10. Which software should I use for image processing?

Each question is littered with other astrophotography tips, hints and things for you to think about, so it’s well worth a watch if you’re thinking about giving it a go, and definitely worth a watch if you want to take things seriously. Although, if you are taking things more seriously, you’re about to enter a whole new expensive world!

What’s your favourite astrophotography tip?

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