33 must-have items you need to take with your next photo hike

Photographers are no strangers to the outdoors. A good number of us tend to take our cameras when we go out to nature, even if it’s not our niche. When I pack my photography bag for nature,  I don’t always consider all the things I might need. This is why we made the list of all things you should take with you on your next photo hike. Amazingly, we were about to fit 32 different items into the new Lowpro Photosport 24L AW3.

This video includes a bunch of things I never considered essential for a photo walk. Luckily we teamed up with Tova Kalif, a local photographer and on the way, we took a couple of her nifty tips. I’m sure everyone can find at least one item that they’re going to put in their bag for next time.

So let’s go over some of the things the video goes over. Watch the video for the full breakdown, I’ll also include there a checklist for you to go over when you go on your next hike.

Base Gear

We packed a Sony A7III with a Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 and a Sony 28mm f/2. Two great lenses that are lightweight, and also cover the bases of wide and closer up.

Tripods and nature go hand in hand. We took with us the Befree Manfrotto stills tripod. This tripod is surprisingly lightweight but still rigid enough to work with. It also doesn’t feel intrusive when clamping to the bag.

On the subject of the bags, we packed all of these 32 items in the Lowepro Photosport 24L travel bag. This nifty bag is both comfortable and practical. There’s a multitude of crafty pockets. My favorite features are the built-in water pack space (including the straw hole), and the fact that the easy access compartment for the camera and lens. We found it useful throughout the day to take out the camera pouch as a whole and be able to transport just the camera. Traveling all day with this on Tova’s back, she was really happy she had the support and comfort of the Photosport. (While Manfrotto sent us the bag for free, they did not have editorial control and they are seeing this article for the first just like you are).



I oftentimes underestimate bringing a Powerbank on hikes. But it’s a great mental note to make because I feel like I’m always cutting it close. Bringing a Powerbank definitely relieves some stress if were out on a long day trip.

I think gaffers’ tape is an essential, no matter where you go. But taking a full role of gaffers tape isn’t always the most convenient thing. One of my favorite pro-life hacks is wrapping a bit of gaffers tape around a pen or pencil. This greatly reduces the size it takes up. As an added bonus, you now have a pen.

It goes without saying that when you go to nature, you should be keeping clean. Bringing a trash bag with you makes it much easier to avoid littering. It is such a small item and it can really help keep the outdoors stay as clean as possible. While we were planning this video, one of my wisest friends told me there’s a really nice saying. It goes, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing footprints.

Extra Gear

Probably my favorite item of the whole video is the tarp. The tarp is probably one of the cheapest items on this list. However, it is probably one of the more useful ones. From organizing your equipment to protecting you from the elements, to even doubling as a reflector (if it’s white). If you take one thing away from this video, I think it should be to take a tarp with you. 

I don’t know why this always happens to me, but I always forget my blower. I usually only realize that when it’s too late. Don’t be like Adam, take a blower with you when you go out to shoot. It’s important.

Last but not least, business cards. Walking around in certain areas with big cameras can sometimes cause unwanted attention. Having a business card can sometimes help people understand a little easier. It’s also nice to be able to give to someone you meet along the way.

You can watch the videos for the complete list of ideas. Having teamed up with Tova was an awesome idea, it really put everything in place. Now I know that the next time I go on a photo walks ill be prepared with a bag ready for anything.

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