5 Artists Show How to Make Unbelievable Images Without Photoshop

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Often, when a person looks at a photograph that seems too good to be true, it’s because it is. The reality is that the photographer may have spent hours in Photoshop trying to create something that isn’t true to life. That’s fine, but it’s nowhere near as impressive as when a photographer creates an out-of-this-world image just by using the tool in their hand: the camera. It’s possible to do, and in this piece, we show you the photographers doing it.

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1. Gareth Mcgorman Doesn’t Need Photoshop

Gareth Mcgorman’s toy solider series is one of our most popular stories in 2021. Not only does he make the images, but he also makes the subjects within them: all from the comfort of his home. It’s a unique little series and one that shows how toy photography is constantly growing in popularity. Not only does Mcgorman not use Photoshop, but he also does minimal editing. Instead, he prefers to let his imagination do the work, and his camera captures it all. Check out his work here.

2. Film Photographer Titus Popławski Says No to Photoshop

“Honestly, I hardly edit my photos,” said Titus Poplawski in his recent interview with The Phoblographer. He continues, “my aim is that the scene is properly lit and prepared when I press the shutter button.” Well, we can’t question his preparation. His analog photographs are in a class of their own. And the stories they tell, well, allow the mind to wander and get lost in a wonderful world of fantasy. We were super excited when we saw his range of work, and you will be too – check it out here.

3. Fabrice Ducouret Has Incredible Double Exposures Without Photoshop

One of the best ways to get creative with your camera is to make double exposures. Fabrice Ducouret recently sent us a beautiful set of images. We appreciated both the aesthetic and the commitment to doing work with film. “I try to do as little editing as possible,” he told us. On why he prefers analog photography, he said, “… that’s what I love about shooting film – not having to look at screens too much.” To see more from Ducouret, check out his feature here.

4. Noir Zy Makes Unique Boudoir Photography

When Noir Zy sent their submission to us, they wrote, “It’s taken a fair bit of time for me to work up the courage to submit this to you…” And we were perplexed as to why. Zy has a level of creativity, we just love to see, and we’re glad they were able to get over any lingering self-doubt to send us their work. On the post-production of their work, Zy said, “I do 98% of the legwork on the day with how I use light and work with subjects and in framing the image. There is very little that’s needed after that.” Check out Zy’s mysterious portraits here.

5. Justino Lourenço Offers Mesmerizing In-Camera Paintings

Cool cars, multiple exposures, and creative light painting all come together in this cool series by Justino Lourenço. We admire him just for the sheer effort he puts into making something different from normal. But we must also applaud his skill level: it’s at a high standard.

On the topic of his post-production tool, Lourenço explains:

“I am a sort of old fashion photography apprentice: the lens choice, the with or without filter, the speed, and aperture choice, and also relevant choice of the film is my primitive Photoshop tool.” Check out more of his work here.

Not Using Photoshop?

As we said, we have a spot in our hearts for photographers doing most of their work in the camera. So, if you’re not using Photoshop and have impressive images, send them in using the form above. We look forward to seeing what you’ve got! Thanks for reading.

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