5 Photographers Show Hong Kong in all its Mesmerizing Glory

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Hong Kong is a special place, especially for photography. Whether you shoot street or architecture, it’s is the perfect hub for making compelling photographs. We’ve had the pleasure of receiving many submissions from photographers shooting in Hong Kong; we’ve published many of them. So when we decided to do a round-up of our favorites, we were almost spoilt for choice. But we got to our final selection in the end, and now it’s time to share it with you.

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Blair Sugarman Creates Awesome Cityscapes in Hong Kong

The way we make photographs has evolved over the years. The introduction of drones is a huge sign of that. For Blair Sugarman, his drone allows him to create mesmerizing cityscapes of the Hong Kong skyline. In an extremely candid interview, Sugarman explained how drone photography helped him step away from what he described as “serious smartphone addiction.” It shows how holistic photography can be. Check out the full series here.

19 Tones Makes Neon H-Art in Hong Kong

We have shared work from 19 Tones multiple times. Whatever series he sends us, it’s always unique and compelling. For this installment, the Moscow-based visual artist offers his take on the Neon lights of Hong Kong. In a series he calls “H-Art”, 19 Tones combines light painting with architecture to deliver terrific imagery. You can see the full series here.

Christoffer Relander Goes to Hong Kong to Make Double Exposures

Keeping in the theme of neon lights, welcome to the work of Christoffer Relander. Loyal readers know that The Phoblographer team is a big fan of creative photography. And Relander gives us what we need as he makes these awesome double exposures. He blends nature with nurture, giving the viewer a peek at the diversity of Hong Kong. You’ll get lost in these. Take a look here.

Lucan Coutts Hits a Home Run With One Photograph

Most of the photography we feature is part of a larger series of images. That’s because we love storytelling and showing how a photographer builds a narrative over a period of time. But Lucan Coutts made a single image so strong, we had to give it a space to stand alone. In a 2018 article, EIC Chris Gampat had this to say about the photograph:

“It’s not often that we see conceptual landscape or cityscape photography, but when we do it’s often absolutely jaw dropping as the process involves the skill of both capturing and creating instead of one or the other.”

You can read about how Coutts made the photograph with his Canon 6D here.

Louis Dazy Sends us Into Dream State With Double Exposures

This mini-series from Louis Dazy is part double exposure portraiture and part double exposure cityscape. The Paris-based photographer shot this series on analog, which is always impressive considering the difficulty of nailing double exposures. All the images come with a creamy tone, giving a vibe that makes you feel like you’re dreaming. You can enjoy the series for yourself right here.

More From Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a unique place on earth. It’s why it will forever continue to be a hotspot for the wanderlust photographer and the local photographers that work there. If you’re a local photographer and you have a story you would like to share, use the form above to send us your work. As always, The Phoblographer is dedicated to sharing authentic stories made by photographers that live within them. Thanks for reading.

For a full round-up of photographers working in Hong Kong, check out our Flipboard storyboard here.

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