5 Popular Stories Show The Power of Photographing Hotels

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Hotels are an excellent source of creative inspiration. From the high-class five-star to the spooky abandoned motel, there are plenty of opportunities to make compelling photographs. It doesn’t always have to be boudoir either. Although it’s a popular genre for hotels, other photographers have used some of the best overnight stays for image-making. Naturally, we’ve published a range of stories that focus on life inside hotels. And in this article, we’ll look back at some of the highlights.

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The Phoblographer on Photographing in Hotels

Before we share the work of other photographers, we’ve got something of our own for you. Back in 2019, our EIC Chris Gampat shared his knowledge of making the best images when photographing in hotels. Beyond sharing the technical elements needed, he also speaks about something far more important: respect. In this in-depth how-to, expect to learn how to treat your model with empathy and not to be a jerk. You can learn more here.

Ajda Schmidt Tackles Loneliness When Photographing Hotels

Fascinating and spooky, abandoned hotels are popular shooting destinations. Ajda Schmidt visited an abandoned space in Yugoslavia. The series is a cool insight into what we call “what used to be.” This hotel was once a stylish, chic hotel enjoyed by locals and tourists. But after years of being abandoned, it’s tired, dated, and falling apart. That said, it still holds some of its charm. Take a look here.

Polina Karpova Creates Portraits When Photographing Hotels

Polina Karpova is a conceptual portrait photographer. In this cyber-esque portrait series, Karpova used the bright lights of hotel signs to illuminate her subjects. Most of the images are under-exposed, but we like that. The exposure fits the mood: mysterious. On shooting the series, Karpova told us:

“In my creative practice, I usually turn to the personification of the aesthetic qualities of a particular location in the appearance of the model, as well as build a special staging solution and pick up a color palette that allows me to harmonize the character and architectural context.”

Check it out here.

Alejandro Mistero Takes Boudoir to a 100 Year Old Hotel

Tijuana, Mexico, is home to St. Francis, a 100-year-old hotel. Photographer Alejandro Mistero felt it was the perfect spot for a range of boudoir shoots. St. Francis is iconic, and it has represented the city of Tijuana so much. “So I decided to give something back to this hotel by making a boudoir series shooting with different models in different rooms,” Mistero told The Phoblographer. We love the mood of this series. It’s dark but has an element of class. Check it out here.

Ekaterina Busygina Offers Stunning Geometry

Something to consider when photographing hotels is the shape of the building. While many hotels get lost amongst the buildings around them, some stand out like a rainbow on a grey day. Ekaterina Busygina photographed the Morpheus Hotel, a building known for its creative shape and appearance. Her photo series tips its hat to grand designs and gets you lost within what feels like an optical illusion. You can enjoy the complete series here.

Photographing Hotels Is Fun

Hotels are cool spots to make photographs. That’s why they’ve been popular in the photo industry for so long. But remember, they are private property. So if you do sign up to shoot in a hotel, be respectful of the rules. Don’t bring any unwanted attention to yourself either.

If you create amazing photography in hotels, we would love to see it. You can use the form above to submit your work. Thanks for reading.

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