A Houston Photographer is Being Accused of Sexual Misconduct

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In this week’s episode of Inside The Photographers Mind, we tackle some of the more pressing stories happening in the industry this week. Hosted by our Arts & Culture Editor, Dan Ginn, the episode looks at serious allegations made against a Houston-based photographer. We’ll also look at the topic of street photography ethics and a photo shared on Instagram that polarized the photography community.

What’s to Expect From Inside The Photographer’s Mind

Each week we’re committed to bringing you the best in photography. Most weeks, we will be joined by a guest photographer. We aim to dig deep into the photographer’s mind and understand their creative process and journey throughout the craft.

In weeks where it’s not possible to host a guest photographer, we will focus on everything going on in the industry. Below is an overview of this week’s episode.

Inside The Photographers Mind Looks at Serious Allegations Made Against Photographer

Houston-based photographer Cary Fagan was the subject of some very serious allegations this week. Many women came forward and spoke about their experience with Fagan. Allegations of sexual misconduct, rape, and pedophilia were all made. The women involved also set up an Instagram account to share their stories. The account called @stopcaryfagen has amassed more than 3500 followers, with 50 women coming forward to share their stories. We’ll look at the story in more detail in this week’s episode of Inside The Photographers Mind.

Inside The Photographers Mind Discusses Photographing The Homeless

Last week, EIC Chris Gampat shared a polarizing post on The Phoblographer’s Instagram. The post highlighted how some street photographers act like vultures whenever there’s an opportunity to photograph the homeless. In the podcast, we break down the ethics of photographing the homeless. We’ll also share why we feel it’s wrong, and why street photographers should stop doing it.

Photo Critique

To close out this week’s episode of Inside The Photographers Mind, we look at a photo created by French photographer Angele Basile. The image highlights the double standard of Instagram and society in general regarding the male and female body. We’ll throw in our two cents on the topic, highlighting how powerful a photograph can be when it comes to driving change in actions and opinion.

More to Come

Inside The Photographers Mind is The Phoblographer’s official weekly podcast. If there’s something you would like us to cover or a guest you would like us to showcase, let us know in the comments below.

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