Adobe brings native Apple silicon support, automated Speech to Text transcription to Premiere Pro: Digital Photography Review

Adobe has announced the July release for Premiere Pro, bringing with it a new Speech to Text captioning tool, native Apple silicon support and more.

Before diving into the new Speech to Text feature, it’s worth noting Premiere Pro 15.4 now runs natively on Apple silicon, meaning Apple’s M1-powered computers can make the most of their respective processing power. Adobe claims Premiere Pro on M1 Mac computers are ‘nearly 80 percent faster than comparable Intel-based Macs,’ which falls roughly in line with the comparison test we recently conducted. Adobe also confirmed After Effects with native Apple Silicon support will be released ‘later this year.’

The July update also adds a new Speech to Text feature that automatically converts audio in a video into editable text for overlaying or embedding captions. As Adobe highlights in the below video showcasing the new Speech to Text feature, captions increase both accessibility and engagement of video content.

Currently, the Adobe Sensei-powered Speech to Text feature supports 13 languages. It’s designed to match the pacing of human speech and also adds the ability to search for specific moments within a video sequence, as you can double-click on a transcribed word and the playhead will move to that position in the timeline.

Adobe says this new Speech to Text technology can cut transcription times by up to 75 percent, even when accounting for the additional time needed to correct mis-transcribed audio. Based on the Pfieffer Report Adobe cites, transcribing audio from a five-minute video podcast takes, on average, 12 minutes and three seconds to complete with Adobe’s new Speech to Text feature, compared to an hour and six minutes with manual transcription.1

Adobe has also improved the performance of Scene Edit Detection, which uses Adobe Sensei to detect the in and out points of video sequences. Below is a video demonstration showing how the feature works.

Adobe Premiere Pro 15.4 is available to download now for Creative Cloud subscribers using macOS and Windows computers. If the update hasn’t automatically been done, you can trigger it via the Creative Cloud desktop app.

1 From the Pfieffer report: ‘For our benchmarks we tested Speech to Text using real-world video podcasts in two languages, English and German, comparing it to two different popular transcription services.’

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