Adobe wants to make you money – Behance launches Patreon-like paid subscription service

If you use Behance to showcase your work, you can now also use it to make some money from it. Adobe has released a subscription service on Behance that will allow you to monetize your work by selling access to premium content. If you’re familiar with Patreon or the Channel Membership on YouTube, this new Behance feature is something similar.

This new service allows you to set your own subscription prices. You determine what content you want to share with everyone, and what will only be available to your subscribers. At the same time, this also encourages your followers to financially support you.

If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, Adobe doesn’t take any platform fee so you can get the most from your earnings. Or you can use the money you earn to pay for your Creative Cloud subscription. I wasn’t able to find the information about the service fees for non-CC users, but we have reached out to Adobe for more information.

For now, the feature is still in beta and there are 25 Behance creators who have already set up this Premium account. It’s not limited to the US, but you need to be in one of the countries that support Stripe to be able to sign up. If you are, you can sign up to participate here, and you’ll find more information here.

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