AFK Arena Tier List 2021 – Best Support, Mage, Ranger, Warrior, Tank

Best Heroes in AFK Arena

Best Supports in AFK Arena

Elijah Lailah

We believe Tasi to be one of the best support flex heroes in the game. Her abilities do solid healing and damage, has a sleep that does 25% bonus damage based on the target’s damage while asleep. Her Banishment ability is kinda nuts, sending the highest attack rating into a banished state for four seconds. That is incredibly strong, especially when there are a few kill targets on the board. Furthermore, her higher-level abilities are bonkers buff and provide incredible defensiveness for a support intelligence character.

Alternatively, Rowan is incredibly easy to use. At Level 41, Rowan unlocks a market stall with three health potions. These three healing potions are automatically used to restore 30% of a hero’s health after falling to 50%. Due to his passive team healing and defensiveness, it does mean that Rowan can go on the offence with Avian Assault and Dazzle. Either way, this character is a great pick for both PvP and PvE.

If you want a Support with solid frontlines and energy users, then Elijah and Lailah are OP. The two spirits use their restorative abilities to return health and energy to different allied targets. They are also hard to kill, with temporary defensive abilities for both characters. Also, it can be hard to pin down, as CCing Lailahc causes the other spirit to break them out, granting them a shield. Overall, tricky to deal with in PvP and strong in PvE in many energetic and physical comps styles, hence the position at the top of the AFK Arena Tier List.

Best Rangers

Lucretia –  is the ultimate Assasin. Her Deathwish automatically isolates the enemy with the highest attack power, lowering their overall damage by 30%. Furthermore, this ranger has solid melee abilities with her skulls and hellfire abilities. Either way, she works well in any position and brings powerful utility and damage.

Lyca is a great single target and AOE Ranger if you want that playstyle. The damage comes from her Star Shot and Rapid Arrows while powering herself and allies with her Fawn’s haste buff. The more she levels up, the more her damage modifiers improve, becoming a late-game powerhouse.

Ezio – Of course, they were going to make the crossover characters good. Ezio is the ultimate assassin from the Assassins Creed franchise, and his stealth and assassination work well. Eagle Vision marks every enemy on the battlefield. Every time an enemy is hit with an ability, the 275 execution range increases by 8%. It means that Ezio can go on a mad killing spree when linked with some powerful mages like Zaphrael or Ainz, which we’ll get onto in a second. In case his damage potential wasn’t enough, his defensive utility every 9 seconds allows him to avoid all attacks made against him completely. Overall, Ezio is a fine addition to any well-structured comp, earning a top spot on the AFK Arena Tier List.

Best Mages

Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz Ooal Gown – is a skeleton mage who channels huge AOE damage across the battlefields. If he does get kicked, then he just gets more energy to use elsewhere. Magic Caster is also a useful basic modifier, dealing plenty of damage to whoever it targets, whether a single target or multi-target. Unfortunately, the ability cycles its powers, so it requires some tactical planning. Finally, his most crazy ability is from his lvl 41 ability, which periodically stuns all enemies for four seconds every 24 seconds while dealing 30% total health in that period. Overall, that ability is crazy and is the sole reason why any mage fan needs this character. It does need some peel and protection, so you’ll likely want reliable support or a tank.

Zaphrael – is the wannabee Zeus character that slings lightning at his opponents. The combination of Lightning Purge, Lightning Arc and Thunderstorm makes his abilities reliable AOE. While not as crazy as Ainz, it is a pick that fits any composition, especially PVE.

Best Tanks

Not many tanks sit in the top end of the AFK Arena Tier List, but Albedo is one standout. Albedo can teleport straight into the heart of battle, dealing AOE damage. It is undoubtedly a way to get one of your characters into the fray with ease, perfect for a tank. Also, if she needs to protect an ally from CC, she can use a teleport to the backline and gain a shield via Black Guard. Shield Lord is another TP  AOE ability that jumps to a random lally surrounded by enemies. The only downside to Albedo is the RNG element and strategical play to get the character to work. Micromanagement could turn people away, despite her very good abilities.

On the other hand, Daimon is a more standard tank. His Soul Feast takes some of the damage all of his allies via Soul Feast takes, but cannot die from ally damage taken. Blood Shield is a huge health steal ability, which can be procced with his Soul Feast ability. For more control, Inanimate Companion deals a nice bit of burst and stuns the target for a considerable amount of time. Overall, very easy to use and a great PvE companion.

Best Warriors

Alna is a weird character that lowers everyone’s haste, including her allies. However, her Winter War Cry uses that missing haste to deal some incredible damage, Also, if you need a tank killer, Freezing Pierce is a great tool for a team. Meanwhile, she can support her team with Winter’s Call lowering the dodge chance of enemies hit the effect. She is an exciting frontliner with solid disruptions, making her a supportive tank character. This character can also do some solid work in PvP.

Wukong is the monkey god on earth, with many games taking on his various form as the core of any game design. AFK is no different, with the clones doing damage and causing Wukong to disappear, effectively an offensive-defensive. Meanwhile, Bludgeon is one of the harder-hitting single target abilities, with some added AOE to it. Like Alna, this ability scales with max health damage, working as a nice burst tool against tanks. Lastly, Falling Fury is a haste debuff and huge physical AOE. It can be a great tool for controlling the battlefield. With all this said, both Alna and Wukong fill two different niches, each extremely valuable in various comps. With that said, we believe they are the two highest-ranking warriors in the AFK Arena Tier List.

With this opinion said, here is the full AFK Arena Tier List.

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