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Hot on the heels of last week’s Aliens Fireteam Elite patch, there has been another update for Cold Iron’s trending co-op shooter. Posted at the game’s site, the latest Aliens Fireteam patch notes (for v1.0.0.88655 for anyone that’s keeping score) lists just a few general changes, none of which are particularly inspiring:

  • Improved game stability and overall bug fixing.
  • Further improvements to address a matchmaking issue that keeps players from finding a team.
  • Fix for occurrences of character progression loss.


Aliends Fireteam Matchmaking Issues

The reason why the latest Aliens Fireteam patch notes will probably have players rolling their collective eyes is because the previous two game patches have pretty much said the same thing. Moreover, many of those looking to team up with friends to take down Xenos and Synths have had connection and stability issues ever since the game went live, none of which have been eased by any of the patches released since.

Cold Iron have issued a troubleshooting guide for those experiencing networking issues, so if you are continuing to have problems after the latest Aliens Fireteam patch, maybe the following list of blindingly obvious suggestions will help:  


Aliens Fireteam Connection Issues

General Suggestions:

  • Avoid trying to connect to Aliens Fireteam Elite using Wi-Fi connection, as interference can contribute to latency and packet loss. Use an ethernet connection if possible.
  • Try not to connect from behind a number of firewalls or routers.
  • Video conferencing is often given priority over gaming traffic, so if your network is overloaded or you are part of busy online household, you will likely have issues. Maybe go around and unplug everyone else’s devices?
  • Similarly, don’t overload your PC by streaming video and gaming at the same time.
  • For those with a PC closer to the minimum specs, you should ask to be invited to a game rather than try to host one yourself. The person with the highest spec PC should ideally be the game host.


If you are continuing to experience issues playing Aliens Fireteam Elite after the most recent patch, check out the Known Issues thread on the game’s Steam discussion forum. Good luck and stay frosty.

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