All you need to know about the new Apex Legend Ash

Recently, the newest Apex Legends Legend was released. The highly anticipated (and expected) simulacrum Ash will be joining the Apex Games. Along with her announcement came the leak of her abilities, all of which look absolutely wild and overpowered (as with all new characters)!

We’ll be going through who exactly Ash is and where does she fit in the game’s world and story. Ash will be joining the roster in the upcoming Season 11.

When does Apex Legends Season 11 start?

Season 11 will be live on November 2nd. Ash will be making her debut on the same day, where you’ll be able to get her for the usual 750 coins or 12,000 Legend tokens.

Who is Ash?

Ash was once Dr. Ashleigh Reid. She was part of the group working on Project Iris, and one of Pathfinder’s creators. She was Horizon’s apprentice, but was secretly working with the Apex Predators to take the Branthium. Ash and Horizon went on a mission to prove the existence on Branthium, which they extracted from a black hole. Ashleigh then betrayed Horizon, leaving her to die in the black hole.

Ashleigh Reid

Her betrayal didn’t stop there, and she went on to turn on the Project Iris group, but was later stabbed by Amelie Paquette (Wattson’s grandmother) and severely wounded. She survived long enough to request to be made into a simulacrum. Thus the birth of Ash.

Ash is a cold and calculating individual, with little to no empathy of her enemies. She sees them as playthings to be used in experimentation and testing, thus is a fierce and formidable foe.

What are Ash’s abilities?

Ash’s abilities were leaked and showcased her passive, tactical and ultimate abilities:

Ash abilities
Ash’s Abilities


Marked for Death: Ash’s map reveals all deathbox locations (H) on a deathbox to mark surviving attackers.


Arc Ball: Release a slow-moving ball of charged electricity that tethers people who get too close.


Phase Breach: Dash and leave a portal.

If you’re anything like me, then that passive ability looks absolutely terrifying. It basically means that there’s no safety after a firefight. Cause another team’s Ash could be right around the corner. There won’t be much time to loot the deathboxes.

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