Amazing Photos From Photographers Showing Love For the 35mm Lens

We’re about to show some love to the 35mm lens.

A 35mm lens is an awesome companion for your camera. It offers great flexibility in terms of the types of photographs you can create. Is it the best focal length? Well, that’s a matter of preference. But it’s certainly a popular choice amongst professional photographers. And in this article, we look at some fantastic photographs created by photographers who give power to their 35mm lens!

Why Choose a 35mm Lens?

Before we get into the amazing photographs, first, let’s look at the strengths of 35mm.

As mentioned above, the 35mm lens is extremely versatile. It’s wide enough to create landscape photographs, and you can also use it for street photography and portraits. Plus, if you’re carrying a 35mm prime lens, you’re likely getting more sharpness and drool worthy bokeh!

If you’re still not sold on how great this lens can be, these photographs will certainly get you lusting after one!

Mattea McKinnon Creates Breathtaking Images with a 35mm Lens

Mattea McKinnon is a travel photographer from the UK. Not only are her photographs breathtaking, they’re also full of story and emotion. When we interviewed McKinnon, she gave our readers fantastic insight on work that goes into being a travel photographer. Not only does she know her stuff with the camera, she’s also great at planning and scouting the best locations!

Sudhir Ramman Used a Sigma 35mm Lens (f1.4 Art)

If you love raw, edgy photography, you’re in for a treat. Sudhir Ramman pushes boundaries and creates images that are sure to polarize. From implied drug use to insane body art, his work may certainly be for those who prefer the darker side of life. But there’s a market for that, and we shouldn’t ignore it. For those who like this niche, Ramman’s work is the way to go!

Justino Lourenço Creates In-Camera Magic

If you’re a regular reader of the site, you know we love photography that goes against the grain. From light painting to quirky exposures, Justino Lourenço impresses us with his cool analog photography. Commenting on his photographic style, he told us, “I am an urban photographer for most of the time. [I’m] Always searching for peculiar patterns and different views of things and places.” He also has some really cool double exposures, more of which you can see here.

Stefan Panaitescu Creates Amazing Landscape Photographs

Here’s further evidence of the amazing landscape images you can create with a 35mm lens. When Stefan Panaitescu sent us his portfolio, we became immediately hooked on how true to life his images are. And the reason for that is that he doesn’t use Photoshop. In fact, he’s never used it. Instead, he allows the natural wonders of the world to be just that. No need to create a lie; he just documents how beautiful the earth already is!

Yuri Benitez Raises the Bar for Nude Photography

Nude photography is often stale and overdone. We especially don’t like it when a photographer poses his model nude just for the sake of it (or the gram). But what Yuri Benitez does is a blend of shape, geometry, and the human form. His subjects being nude is secondary in his body of work. When asked what his motivation was, he told us, “my motivation is my desire to express my ideas, and to have them materialized out of my mind.”

Lidia Vives Got Creative When the Pandemic Struck

When lockdowns came in, Lidia Vives picked up her 35mm lens and got to work. My word did she get creative! Going beyond standard portraiture, Vives formed ideas of fantasy and then brought them to life! Her images have a healthy dose of emotion and humor, both of which captivate the viewer! We love the experimental factor of her photography, and we’re pleased to see her make good use of lockdown!

Take Amazing Photographs with a 35mm lens?

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I take pretty good photographs with my 35mm lens”, then great! We want to see them. If we dig what you’re doing, we may feature you too! Please send us your best work to arts [at] thephoblographer dot com

All images previously submitted to The Phoblographer. Used with permission. Lead image by Lidia Vives.

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