Amazon Games address the New World Easy Anti-cheat untrusted system file error

Many players are reporting yet another New World error. Ever since the game came out on September 28, many explorers have encountered a New World untrusted system file related to an untrusted Easy Anti-cheat untrusted file. On the other hand, New World may pop up a Steam unrecoverable error, preventing your access to the game.

There are two fixes to the New World Easy Anti-cheat untrusted system file error. If one of these issues doesn’t work, the other will likely fix your Steam unrecoverable error. If you have either one of these issues, you’ll be pleased to know many many on the forums figured it out.

Before we go further, we recommend reading the official Amazon Games fix to the EAC connection error. Amazon Games are advising the safest fixes, but it seems that other players have reported on other fixes in case that doesn’t work. You can find the official Amazon Games fix here. We recommend trying a few other potential fixes found below at your discretion if it doesn’t work.

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Easy Anti-cheat untrusted system file

The New World Easy Anti-cheat untrusted system file error is related to a faulty DLL file in Steam itself. Normally, a reinstall or check integrity of the game cache fixes the issue, especially if it is a New World file. However, those who experience this issue largely find that it is a faulty file in Steam. We recommend checking the integrity of the game chase by right-clicking on New World and heading to properties. From there,  click on the local files and then verify the integrity of the game cache. If that doesn’t fix your untrusted system file error, it likely indicates an issue with Steam.

The main fix many are reporting is to download a working DLL file for Steam. If you want to try this fix, you can download the DLL from this Google Drive. Once the file is downloaded, you can insert it into your main Steam directory. Typically, you can find your Steam install in C://(your user)/Program Files (x86)/Steam.  If you would rather not download a file over the internet for security reasons, you can try to reinstall Steam and fix it that way. Once when you have tried either fix for Steam, retry New World and see if it allows you on?

Steam unrecoverable error for New World

EasyAntiCheat 1
Repair your EAC New World client to fix your issue.

If for some reason, either of these issues has worked, there is another fix for your Steam unrecoverable error or untrusted system file error. Several reports indicate that if you go into your EasyAnticheat install folder. You can normally find this in your C://(user)/Program Files/ EasyAntiCheat/ directory. In the directory, you should find your Easy Anti-cheat application. Copy the exe, head over to your New World install location, and paste it into the New World EasyAntiCheat Folder, replacing the od file. Open the Easy application in your New World folder and select repair service

Duplicate EasyAntiCheat

On a final note, some players are reporting there is nothing wrong with Steam, New World, or Easy Anti-cheat. Some users experience issues when they have multiple EAC games open. For example, Gaijin uses EAC, as do many other games. Make sure you have other game launchers turned off in case conflicting anti-cheats are causing any untrusted system file errors or unnecessary problems.

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