Amazon Games adds new New World EU Servers due to demand

New World is in incredibly high demand with thousands upon thousands of players waiting in queues around the world to actually get into the game. For those who have been incredibly unlucky, waiting in the queue hasn’t been enough, with a bunch of users getting the @mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception error, particularly in Europe.

While it’s looking like Amazon Games won’t be upping the server cap to combat this, instead, they have added a bunch more servers to the mix to aid those wanting to get in on some New World action. These server additions are focused, in the main, at EU players as these have been the ones that have been hit the most with errors and the longest queues.

Below, we’ve listed all of the latest New World EU servers to be added to the mix so you know which ones to target, providing you with the highest chance of actually getting into the game.

New World EU Servers – Latest Additions

World Name World Set Language
Takshasila Vanaheim Zeta
Diana’s Grove Vanaheim Zeta
Ismarus Vanaheim Eta
Harpinna Vanaheim Eta
Hippotae Vanaheim Theta
Ismarus Vanaheim Theta
Pointland Vanaheim Mu
Wonderland Vanaheim Mu
Damalis Vanaheim Xi
Nowhere Vanaheim Xi
Carcosa Vanaheim Tau
Estotiland Vanaheim Omega FR/EN
Tabor Island Vanaheim Omega FR/EN
Groclant Vanaheim Ultra
Erewhon Vanaheim Ultra
Kantia Vanaheim Firma
Jacquet Vanaheim Firma
Mandara Vanaheim Core DE/EN
Dvaraka Vanaheim Core DE/EN
Banoic Vanaheim Core DE/EN
Chryse Vanaheim Core DE/EN
Pellucidar Vanaheim Omicron
Kianida Vanaheim Omicron
Frisland Vanaheim Lambda ES/EN
Larissa Vanaheim Lambda ES/EN
Petermannland Vanaheim Sigma
Pepys Vanaheim Sigma
Wachusett Vanaheim Kappa
Zanara Vanaheim Kappa
Aepyornis Vanaheim Radial
Mardi Vanaheim Radial
Zu-Vendis Vanaheim Terra
Phaeacia Vanaheim Terra
Ship-Trap Vanaheim Alto
Caprona Vanaheim Alto
Caspak Vanaheim Luft
Altruria Vanaheim Luft
Evonium Vanaheim Luft
Barsoom Vanaheim Luft
Nericus Vanaheim Luft
Pavlopetri Vanaheim Tenebris
Kerguelen Vanaheim Tenebris
Heracleion Vanaheim Tenebris
Ravenspurn Vanaheim Tenebris
Muziris Vanaheim Tenebris
Balanjar Vanaheim Tenebris
Otuken Vanaheim Tenebris
Emathia Vanaheim Lux
Hellopia Vanaheim Lux
Quivira Vanaheim Lux
Vicina Vanaheim Lux

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