AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Reveal!

As can be seen on the above charts, AMD claims that the RX 6600 XT performs between 2.2x to 2.5x faster in the games it tested compared to the Nvidia GTX 1060 (the most commonly used graphics card on the market, based on Steam’s statistics), albeit with Smart Access Memory enabled (meaning you’ll need an AMD CPU to get these results).

More importantly, the second and third images show the AMD RX 6600 XT vs Nvidia’s RTX 3060, the real competitor of this card. Overall the RX 6600 XT is seen as pulling ahead of the RTX 3060 in most games played at 1080p on Max settings, in particular the more demanding AAA titles, though in Horizon Zero Dawn the RTX 3060 actually wins by a narrow margin.

In the less demanding competitive titles in the third image, the difference in performance is shown as being much less significant.

Once again though, Smart Access Memory was enabled in all of these benchmarks, (though Resizable Bar was also apparently enabled for the RTX 3060) so it’s unclear as to how well the RX 6600 XT would perform without it when paired with an Intel CPU for instance.

As ever, we won’t know for certain how well the RX 6600 XT performs until independent third-party testing can take place.

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