Android 12: Everything you need to know about the latest Android version

The announcement of Android 12 is expected to happen some time in between September and October this year. And with the Beta 3 version of Google’s new OS being made available since early July, we’ve consolidated everything that we know about Android 12 so far in this article.

The goal of this hub is to collect all information about Android 12 in a single place in order for you to quickly find just what you’re looking for on a specific topic. Want to know what the new operating system will be called? What are the new features? Which smartphones will receive the update? You can find out answers to these and more.


What will Android 12 be called?

With the announcement of Android 10, the Android development team decided to ditch the naming convention that had served it so well in the past based on names of delicious dessert. The fun had to end eventually, since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. Hence, after Android 9 Pie, all versions will only be known to by their respective version numbers.

However, early on in the development of Android 12, the codename “Snow Cone” was found in the OS code by the team at XDA Developers, resulting in rumors about what Android 12 would be officially referred to, especially as this lip-smacking dessert.

android 12 snow cone
We’d have “Android 12 Snow Cone” if Google still used dessert names for new OS versions / © Chad Verzosa – Shutterstock/NextPit

It’s worth noting that Android 11 was internally referred to as “Red Velvet Cake”, but was never officially given that designation. Having said that, the official version name that will be announced should just be “Android 12”.

Preview of Android 12 Beta Version

As mentioned above, Android 12 has been in development since February at the earliest, when Google released the first preview of the operating system for developers. Following the release schedule, we’re already on the third beta version of the upcoming mobile operating system. But what does that mean for the end user?

In recent years, the beta release has served to draw the attention of the app developer community to possible new features that Google will bring to the OS. This way, the Internet search giant allows developers to anticipate changes and, in addition, provides an opportunity for the Android team to receive real-time feedback on the features of the upcoming operating system.

NextPit Android 12 scrollshot
The beta version of Android 12 shows off some key features that we’ll see in the operating system in 2021 / © NextPit

This reduces the chances of the company having to send out a string of corrective updates after shipping the final version of the OS to devices running Android.

In addition, it allows portals such as NextPit to use the new features of the system, test them out, and show how they work in reality. Therefore, our team has already downloaded and installed Android 12 on a Google Pixel smartphone. Check out our preview experience of Android 12 Beta in the link below:

Why Android 12 has everything I expect from an operating system

What are the main new features of Android 12?

At Google I/O 2021, which is the Internet search giant’s annual developer conference, some of the major new features of Android 12 were announced and previewed. Among these, we were treated to a major overhaul in the User Interface (UI) design, where it has been renamed as Material You. We also had the introduction of the Privacy Panel, a redefined Widgets for Android, and a number of improvements in the area of security.

We discussed each of these features in detail in addition to many other aspects in a special article about the new features that are set to arrive on Android 12. Check it out in the link below:

Android 12: What’s new in the upcoming operating system?

NextPit Android 12 11
The new Android 12 Widgets have been redefined in form and function to deliver a better smartphone user experience / © NextPit

Android 12: Release date and availability

The Android team’s forecast is to consolidate the final features of the operating system in August this year. Details of the release schedule can be seen in the image below:

android 12 desktop timeline en
The stable version of Android 12 is expected to arrive in August 2021 / © Android Developers

What does this mean? Android 12 should arrive in a stable version this August, when the operating system will no longer receive new features which can be identified in the image above as “platform stability”. From there, we move to the bug fixing phase before the release of the final version.

Considering how versions 10 and 11 of the OS were released in the month of September, it is possible that Android 12 will follow the same path as its predecessors. However, even after an official release, the final version should take a while to arrive on the notification bar of your smartphone, because Android smartphone manufacturers themselves have an update schedule that is independent from that of Google’s. Only Pixel smartphones that qualify for Android 12 should be first off the blocks to enjoy Android 12.

At the time of publication of this page, Android 12 was in Beta 3, which already brings the final APIs of the version, as well as the official SDK. In other words, we don’t expect to see many changes until the release of Beta 4, which will mark the stability of the platform and is scheduled for August.

Which smartphones will receive Android 12?

So far, the beta version of Android 12 can be installed not only on Pixel models, but also on devices from 10 other manufacturers. In the linked article below, you can check out the list of eligible smartphones that have been confirmed to receive the latest version of Android when it arrives:

See the list of smartphones that should receive the Android 12 update

Considering Samsung’s extensive update policy, we’ve created a special list that shows which of the manufacturer’s models are eligible or have already been confirmed to receive Android 12 when it arrives. To view the list, click on the below link:

Know which Samsung smartphones will the Android 12 update

AndroidPIT samsung s20 front 2
The Samsung Galaxy S20 is among the phones eligible to receive the update to Android 12 / © NextPit

How to install the Android 12 beta on your smartphone

Warning: If you want to use Android 12 beta, remember that the operating system is still unstable and have not been optimized for most apps. If you still intend to download and install Android 12, we recommend reading the release notes beforehand to learn what are the limitations of the new OS.

If you have already downloaded and installed the developer preview or the Beta 2 version, you will receive the next system updates automatically Over-the-Air (OTA). If you do not fall under this category, follow the instructions below.

  • To install Android 12 beta 3 on your smartphone, you must first sign up for the Android Beta Program.
    • To do so, you must have a compatible Google Pixel device or one of the models of the program partner manufacturers.
Android 12 beta program
If you have one or more devices that are eligible to participate in the Beta Program, you must register first to start using the new version / © NextPit
  • Having fulfilled the above criteria, simply update the device’s factory image or sideload the OTA image to your device, in which case it will not be necessary to unlock the bootloader or wipe your data.

Either way, after performing the manual installation, you will automatically receive future updates.

We hope that you have found the information you were looking for about Android 12 above. This page will be updated frequently to bring you the most important news about the new Android operating system version.

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