Apex Legends Escape season release date

The next season of Apex Legends is nearly here, bringing with it the stunning new Storm Point map, increased wildlife interactivity and hotly-anticipated new Legend Ash. So how have we got left to finish levelling up our Emergence Battle Pass and just when will Apex Legends season 11 come out?

Apex Legends Escape release date

Storm Point and all the other legendary new Escape changes will be available on November 2nd, 2021.

While no official confirmation has yet been made, we can expect the update to launch about the same time as previous seasons. This would mean the Apex Legends Escape update times should be approximately 10am PDT/1pm EDT/5pm GMT.

Apex Legends Escape season patch notes

We give you a more detailed rundown of the major changes here, but, in short, you can look forward to exciting new tropical landscapes in a complete overhaul to Apex as you know it. The new Storm Point map is undoubtedly the biggest change coming with Escape, and provides an all-new aesthetic feel to the game.

New Wildlife

apex legends escape season 11 release date

With the new map comes new uses for Wildlife. Further adding to the exotic feel of the new season, you can now interact with wildlife like never before, and, if you survive the likes of Flyers and Prowler, you can even get better loot from successful combat.

Map rotation

During the Escape season, map rotation will return to just two maps. These maps will be World’s Edge and the new map, so players can really take their time to get involved in the new mechanics and improvements of Storm Point.

storm point apex season 11 release date

New Legend

New Legend Ash, the simulacrum remains of Dr Ashleigh Reid, will finally be playable with the Escape update. She brings with her an all-new set of skills which, once mastered, will make her the ultimate attacker.

Apex Legends Escape patch notes

There’s so much more to come in the Escape update including new weapons and a whole host of balance changes. Check out the full patch notes ahead of Apex Legends’ new season release date on the official EA site.

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