Apex Legends Seer Update (New Patch Notes)

The latest update for Apex Legends is finally live (Update 1.78) – bringing with it a slew of changes that will help balance the abilities of Seer, the latest Legend to join the team. 

Respawn posted an update last night showcasing all the changes that will come into affect during the latest update.

Here’s the Twitter Post:

Apex Legends Seer Nerf

The latest update came to fruition on August 23rd, introducing changes to Seer’s ability in order to help level the competitiveness of the game. Whilst many of the changes seem like a genuine improvement, many die-hard Apex fans are taking to online forums to voice their anger regarding Seer’s more disruptive ability.

The Seer nerf includes a number of changes made to the Legend’s abilities. Firstly, gamers no longer experience damage or half a second screen-blinding that occurs when being hit with Seer’s ‘Focus Of Attention’ ability. That said, it will still interrupt the opponents who are healing themselves or reviving a teammate. That means Seer can still run riot with the enemy’s final defensive efforts – sparking anger amongst the Apex Legends community.

It isn’t all bad news though, the detonation delay for the ‘Focus Of Attention’ ability has now increased from 1.4 seconds to 1.6 seconds, giving enemies slightly more time to exit than previously allowed. Screen shake is also reduced with the new Seer update.

Further changes include tuning of the Seer’s ultimate, Exhibit – with the cooldown period increasing from 90 seconds to 120 seconds, alongside the lower of the audio volume.

Apex Legends 1.78 Update – Other Changes

It wasn’t just Seer than saw changes. Respawn also fixed a variety of bugs that included the explosive holds bug – where players would crash servers by opening a hold with a grenade. Fun stuff.

Respawn also published details of a further update coming later today that would see explosive holds to spawn closed again.

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