Apparently, We Could Get a Bunch of Exciting Canon f1.2 Prime Lenses

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It would make sense that we would see a ton of Canon f1.2 prime lenses. They already have two variants of the 85mm, and then there’s the 50mm option. We recently wrote about the dream of a 35mm f1.2. Sigma has done this already. But a lot of other brands haven’t even hinted that something like this could come. However, a few Canon patents are really exciting us right now. 

According to a report on Mirrorless Rumors, we’re getting three lenses. There’s a 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm f1.2 lens that could be hitting the market sooner or later. These are absolutely fascinating. While a 35mm f1.2 doesn’t seem unlikely, I’m surprised at the others. I haven’t even seen lenses like that in the Leica M mount world–and that’s where a lot of innovation comes from. Seriously, how many autofocus 40mm f1.2 lenses have you seen?

So, how likely could these really happen? Well, first off, just because Canon has a patent doesn’t mean that they’re going to make something. And practically speaking, the market has been fine with f1.4 lenses. But to make something a lot different, Canon would need to majorly stand out. Years ago, Sony introduced its 24mm f1.4 G Master lens. It was the smallest and lightest on the market. By all means, it still is remarkable and a feat of engineering excellence. So to beat it, Canon would need to do something better. So what would they do? Making a lens that’s light would be tough to do. Making an option with image stabilization would also possibly be heavier. So instead, being the first to do something might be more plausible.

That’s why a Canon 24mm f1.2 lens would make more sense. Of any Canon f1.2 lens, this would be the second place for what I’d expect to see.

But a 28mm lens? This doesn’t seem realistic. I’d be ecstatic about it. But Canon never even had a 28mm L-series prime lens with EF cameras. Could they truly make one now? 28mm lenses don’t really get enough love. And I wouldn’t bet that we’d see a lens like this in the next three years. Of any of the Canon f1.2 lenses, I wouldn’t rule this one out, but it wouldn’t come soon. That’s sort of sad, too, as 28mm lenses are handy. I own the Leica 28mm f2 SL, and it’s remarkable. I bought that over the 35mm f2 because of the autofocus speed and overall balance.


To recap, are all these lenses possible? Sure. They’ve got patents. Will they come to market? I think that a Canon f1.2 lineup will surely develop. And of any of them, the 35mm f1.2 is most likely to release first. We’re also bound to see a Canon 24mm f1.2 lens as well. But a 28mm? That’s a bit of a stretch. I’m almost certain that there’s a demand for it. But I couldn’t see a photographer owning all of these lenses. I’d see someone getting a 35mm 1.2, 50mm f1.2, and an 85mm f1.2. Alternatively, I could see photographers owning a 28mm f1.2 and an 85mm f1.2. Plus, a 24mm f1.2 and a 50mm f1.2 could also be viable options for some. 

I’m excited to see what Canon will develop and bring to the market. And if anything, I think they’ll be first. 

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