Apple AirTag just received its first major discount with this phenomenal deal

Bluetooth trackers can be expensive, but this latest offer takes the Apple AirTag down with its first major discount.

It can be tricky to know which option to go with when seeking out a Bluetooth tracker, but the recent discount on the Apple AirTag makes that decision much easier.

You can snag yourself a four-pack of AirTags courtesy of the latest eBay promo code (FORYOU15), bringing the price down from £99 to £84.15, which works out at around £21 per tracker.

With Apple AirTags, you get all the features straight out of the box without the need to pay any subscription fees, unlike some other Bluetooth trackers out there, like Tile.

You will need an iPhone to use the AirTag, so any Android users are out of luck for the time being (although an Android app is currently in development). If your iPhone supports iOS 14.5 or above, you only need to pair the AirTags via the ‘Find My’ app.

Being around the size of a two-pound coin, the AirTag can fit snugly on your keys, inside a purse or even attached to your wallet.

And there isn’t any need to worry about charging up your AirTags on the regular, as the replaceable CR2032 battery should last a year before it needs changing out. You will also receive a buzz on your iPhone once it’s getting close to that time.

The Apple AirTag got a four-star rating from our Deputy and Mobile Editor, Max Parker, with the verdict reading: “Apple’s first tracker, AirTag, is a handy, well made device that makes it quick and easy to track down your keys when they get caught behind the cushions of your sofa.”

The AirTag is a great choice of Bluetooth speaker for any Apple user who has trouble keeping track of their most prized possessions.

The discount code FORYOU15 expires around midnight tomorrow (September 4), leaving precious time left if you want to add these AirTags to your collection.

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