Apple Card iPhone 13 pre-order snag leaves Apple red-faced

It’s iPhone 13 pre-order day and some of Apple’s most loyal customers are reportedly suffering issues in a somewhat unlikely manner.

Those attempting to secure their new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro handset – which is released a week from today – have had problems checking out with their Apple Card, using Apple Pay or when attempting to upgrade through the iPhone Upgrade Program.

Reports are flooding in on social media of users who are having their Apple Card rejected, which is quite significant given cardholders get a 3% cash back on products from the Apple Store. On a £1,000 purchase, that’s £30!

Some people have had to use different cards in order to make the payment, which saw the transaction go through smoothly. Those seeking to checkout via Apple Pay have also experienced issues and have had to enter their card details manually.

Strangely, even some of those who are simply looking to upgrade their iPhone, under Apple’s specific program, have been bounced and unable to complete the transaction.

Apple is at least communicating to some customers who had to purchase with another card to let them know they’ll still get the 3% daily cash.

“Some Apple Card customers are temporarily unable to make iPhone Upgrade Program purchases using the Apple Card. If you’ve completed your purchase with another card, you’ll still get your 3$ Daily Cash for this purchase. We’ll email you the details later,” an Apple support agent reportedly said.

Right now Apple has not commented on the issues, that may be due to issues with Apple’s banking partner Citizen One. Trusted Reviews has contacted Apple for an update on the matter.

Have you had issues with your iPhone 13 pre-order? Or was it smooth sailing? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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