Apple Watch 8 health tracking rumours could make Series 7 a tough sell

It hasn’t been a great week thus far for the Apple Watch Series 7. First came reports the next smartwatch will be delayed due to production issues, now rumours suggest it may be worth skipping for the Series 8.

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is planning to add a wealth of health tracking features including blood pressure, body temperature, as well as blood sugar tracking, over the next few years.

Improvements to sleep tracking that would enable the company to detect sleep apnea will also arrive in future iterations, according to the report.

The WSJ’s report is sourced from purported internal documents, which suggest it’ll be 2022 at the earliest before some or all of these features are added. The report said “most of its more ambitious health-related improvements aren’t expected before 2022,” which suggests Series 7 might be a design-focused update.

The addition of a temperature sensor wouldn’t just enable users to pick up when they might be falling ill, but could also assist with family planning, with body temperature providing insight into fertility windows.

That feature could arrive as soon as next year’s Apple Watch Series 8, along with improvements to the existing sleep pattern tracking and irregular heartbeat monitoring.

After that could come the sleep apnea detection feature, as well as blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor, blood pressure and blood sugar tracking that could help diabetic users monitor their levels throughout the day.

Many of these features have been rumoured in recent years as Apple looks to turn its smartwatch into an all-singing all-dancing medical monitoring device, on top of everything else. Apple has filed many patents to that effect, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

What are you hoping to see from the Apple Watch Series 7 when Apple is scheduled to announce its latest smartwatch next month? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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