Arcane Sheriff: Valorant – How to get it and release date

Yesterday we looked at Riot’s teaming up with Netflix and its upcoming Arcane anime and it seems that one particular weapon skin is catching imagination more than other others.

The Arcane Sheriff skin looks like being a hugely popular addition to the game, but how do you get it in your inventory? Well, that’s what we are here for so let’s find out.

How to get Valorant Arcane Sheriff skin

The Arcane Sheriff is part of the Arcane Collector’s Set which is available at the in-game store, priced at 2,380VP. For this price, you get the five items you can find listed below. Of all the items in the set, it’s the weapon skin most people seem to want, but you can’t get it separately, nor do we expect it will ever appear outside of the bundle, so it’s time to see how much you really do want it and whether you are prepared to get your wallet out.

riotx arcane key art

What you get with Arcane Collector’s Set

Here are the items you get with the Arcane Collector’s Set. the bundle is priced at 2,380VP but you can’t buy the items individually so, if you want the Sheriff, you will need to pony up for the entire thing.

  • Arcane Sheriff
  • Monkey Business Gun Buddy
  • Tag! You’re Dead Spray
  • Arcane Mysteries Card 
  • Jinx Title

When is the Valorant Arcane Collector’s Set released?

The bundle is due to land in the store on November 5th, 2 PM (PST). So make sure you don’t miss out and pop along and get it added to your Valorant inventory.

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