Awesome Halloween Deadmau5 NFT drop in Blanko’s Block Party

Gaming is going NFT crazy and ‘owning’ a piece of your favorite game is going to become a big thing in the future. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (don’t worry about it) are a way to digitally own in the blockchain (again…) items that, in theory, hold a real-world value.

These days you can buy digital art by famous artists, digital fashion by the world’s top designers and you can buy skins and the like in games and actually own them.

Yeah okay, what does that mean? Surely if you buy a skin in Fortnite for a few V-Bucks you own that right? Well not really. If Epic decided to remove a skin for whatever reason then most you might expect back is a refund. But with an NFT you actually own the digital item and you can keep it, hoping it increases in value like fine art, or you can choose to try to sell it to another collector/player maybe for profit.

Where things get slightly murkier is that there are generally multiple copies of an item that are ‘minted’ and some will be worth more than others. For example, an item that is minted first at #1 might be worth more than the one that is minted #545, simply because it is more desirable and rare.

Some of this is down to personal value, a bit like personalized vehicle registration plates. For me, however, who has an obsession with Roland’s classic TB303 acid bassline synthesizer, anything minted at #303 would naturally draw my attention. Most other people wouldn’t care, however, it’s something to bear in mind, what might seem like nothing to you could be worth its weight in digital gold to somebody else.

Again games such as Fortnite will have multiples of the same skin running around the island at any one time, but there is nothing special about them. By a skin does not register you as the “owner” on the blockchain.

This brings us to how games like Blanko’s Block Party are getting involved. Seattle-based dev Mythical Games have created Blankos – cute collectible in-game characters that are easily skinned and accessorized, and within that world, Mythical have “drops” of new NFTs of varying rarity so that your Blanko can really stand out from the crowd in the cloud.

Teaming up with famous artists from the collectibles space and music stars, Blanko’s has really begun to carve out a name in the digital collectibles space and as is attracting a lot of attention because they actually have a game attached to the idea.

With Halloween being almost upon us it’s a good a time as ever to get some creepy collectibles out and tomorrow (27th) will see Mythical drop its latest round of NFTs including minting 1000 of the Get Lit Deadmau5 you can see in the image. Starting price for these bad boys is $349.99 but you can be pretty sure if previous drops in the game are anything to go by, that the price is probably going to rocket in the game’s marketplace soon after.

Get Lit Blanko will be available in the Blanko’s Block Party Shop and in-game on October 27th 3 pm PDT and if the recent Pug Life drop is anything to go by, they could be gone within minutes.

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