Cyber Monday Deals 2021

If you’re not already aware, is Blizzard’s own web store. It lets you buy subscriptions to their hugely successful MMO, World of Warcraft, as well as access to their other successful games like the Starcraft or Diablo series. If you’re looking for almost anything related to Activision or Blizzard titles, you’ll find it here on

You might also be unaware that takes part in the Cyber Monday sales. So if you’re hunting for a yearly subscription to WOW, a new Blizzard game, or just some in-game services, this November may be the perfect time to buy. This list features all of the best deals that you’ll find this year.

What Products will be discounted on this Cyber Monday?

If you’re wondering which of Blizzard’s products will be discounted on during Cyber Monday 2021, it’s not too hard to answer. Most of the company’s biggest games will receive some sort of discount, usually at least 25% but typically a little bit more.

You should also expect to see the most recent World of Warcraft expansion discounted. As the others are included in a subscription. Strangely, one of the few things that don’t tend to go on sale during Cyber Monday is the WoW monthly subscription.

However, you do occasionally see a 50% the first month for new subscribers during this time period. So if you’ve not picked it up before now might be the time.

How much will Products be on Cyber Monday?

Discounts on products are as varied as the products themselves. As mentioned above, the smallest discount you should see on will be about 25%. This makes new games like the latest Call of Duty only around $45, which is a decent saving.

Having said that, the savings have gone as high as 50% in previous years. So there’s a decent chance that some games and expansions could see their prices straight-up halved.

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