Battlefield 2042 Beta not working with EA Play – A Quick Fix

Battlefield 2042 is this year’s effort from DICE to bring a true, large-scale conflict experience to beloved fans. This time around though, they’ve chosen to get players in early with multiple betas, similar to that of 343 and Halo Infinite as well as the direct competitor Call of Duty: Vanguard.

What differentiates the Battlefield 2042 beta from either of these though is that users can access the test through EA Play, the hub for all things from the developer. While this is a subscription service, those who have already purchased Xbox’s Game Pass Ultimate automatically get access to EA Play, and is probably the way most console owners will play the Battlefield 2042 open beta.

Unfortunately though, as with most betas, there have been some snags, with the Battlefield 2042 beta ‘unknown error’ being a major one. Similarly, there’s been a Battlefield 2042 beta not working with EA Play error that’s also been plaguing EA Play members, not allowing them to play the game through this service.

Below, we’ve featured a potential fix for you who are suffering from this error to hopefully get you right into that Battlefield warfare we all know and love.

How to fix Battlefield 2042 beta not working with EA Play

battlefield 2042 beta not working ea play

The one way in which users have been able to fix the Battlefield 2042 beta not working with EA Play issue is to simply log out of EA Play, Origin, and Steam completely, close all of the aforementioned programs, and then log back in.

While this has got around the Battlefield 2042 beta not working with EA Play error for some users, sadly, it hasn’t worked for all. On the plus side though, the developers have spoken out via Twitter and it seems like a full fix is being worked on.

All that we can hope is that this gets sorted out ASAP otherwise EA and DICE are going to have a lot of unhappy Battlefield 2042 beta testers on their hands and could ultimately hurt game sales come release.

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