Battlefield 2042 has reached cap: Bug or feature? You decide?

Last Updated: November 21, 2021

Yet again we are faced with another high-profile release that seems to have failed to deliver to its hardcore fanbase. It’s tough these days getting it right but in the case of Battlefield 2042, a lot of existing fans seem to think EA and Dice have got it very wrong.

From a slew of errors that plagued early access for those that had actually spent a decent amount on the game, to the swathe of complaints since it seems players across the internet are now being faced with a message after each round saying they have reached an XP cap for the day.

Why am I getting XP has reached cap message in Battlefield 2042?

It seems that DICE has set the progression cap aggressively, at least for solo players to counter some poor gamesmanship/cheating that has been going on.

Players have been using the brilliant Portal mode to create bot lobbies full of bots with 1HP in order to be able to blast through hundreds of kills and level up quickly.

Image courtesy of u/Farcere on Reddit

This has angered players, especially on Reddit (no surprise there!) but it does seem that everybody has to suffer while DICE figures out how to combat the new feature simply being an XP exploit for people farming levels.
We have heard unconfirmed reports of players being at level 30 and beyond within hours of the release of the game. With servers being free to create this time around there is no obvious quick fix for this that will please everybody.

Of course, if you aren’t XP farming (and you know if you are), you are perhaps less likely to see the XP cap message as often.

How to fix XP has reached cap in Battlefield 2042

We are just going to have to wait until DICE figures this one out or people stop cheating. I wonder which it will be! (and the odd on potentially neither happening).

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