Battlefield 2042 Irish – Specialist Abilities Revealed

Kimble “Irish” Graves was revealed to us in the Exodus film and is a character set to return to Battlefield 2042. As a specialist, Irish will have special abilities that can change the course of your battles and he is one of ten specialists that are going to be introduced.

Irish featured from Battlefield 4 and is a natural-born leader that commands the specialists on board the Exodus. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Irish’s natural leadership qualities and combat skills help keep the non-patriated safe from harm. Irish has seen the cost of war first hand as a Marine and a skilled engineer that fights for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Battlefield 2042 Irish – Special Abilities

On the official Battlefield 2042 website, we can see what Irish is going to bring to the fight.

Ability – Fortification System – Includes the DCS deployable cover to protect from bullets and explosives. You also get the APS-36 shootdown sentinel to take down explosive projectiles.

Passive – Veteran – Provides armor, with additional bonuses from downed enemies.


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