Battlefield 2042: Journey Of The No-Pats Explained

With every passing day, the release of EA’s hugely anticipated Battlefield 2042 grows closer – with information regarding the game’s play modes, maps, classes, and weapons slowly being released to the public.

One of the latest announcements has been the Battlefield 2042 story locations – with creator Earlswood providing an exciting new alternative to your standard map drop.

What Is The Journey Of The No-Pats?

So, what exactly is Journey of the No-pats? In short, it’s Earlswood’s way of telling gamers the locations that will be found in Battlefield 2042.

The journey of the no-pats is dictated by fictional journalist Kayvan Bechir, following his quest to find out whether or not No-pats really were the villains the world made them out to be – or so he says.

I thought I was an objective journalist, seeking to find out if No-Pats were the villains the world made them out to be. Little did I know that the answer would take me around the globe to places now engulfed by war. I set out to report their story, but it has become my own. This is our journey.”

Kayvan Bechir
No-Pat Signal Corps

Since the Battlefield 2042 announcement, EA has cleverly released the story of the game in several parts.

At present, the story has five unique parts:

  • Part 1: ‘Escape From Doha’
  • Part 2: ‘The Magic Act’
  • Part 3: ‘Coyote Run’
  • Part 4: ‘The Third Faction’
  • Part 5: ‘Pineapple Express’

At the time of writing this, we only have information on the first four parts – you’ll have to go back to the Journey of the No-pats web page to discover the next part of the story on Monday – 16th August 2021.

So far, however, the story goes as follows:

Part 1: Escape From Doha

The story starts here – Bechir talks about surfing a darknet browser in his hometown of Doha – back when it was still inhabited by people. After searching for a contact within the ranks of the No-pats, he is finally DM’d by self-proclaimed ‘most wanted man alive’ – Oz.

Whilst no information of the DM is disclosed, it all ends with Bechir having to flee the country as Qatari police break down his door for aiding a terrorist.

Part 1 1

As sand starts to descend over Doha, the massive LED skyline still reigns strong over the city. Doha soon starts to fall into chaos after its oil supply runs dry, with famines – and failed response to them – leading to government protests alongside sand monsoons.

Soon after, military police are deployed all over the city – ready to arrest anyone that was brave enough to risk Qatar becoming the next non-patriated flash point.

Part 1 2

Bechir is finally led to an abandoned football stadium where he 50-year-old military man sporting Bermuda shorts and a relaxed demeanor. The man is Pyotr Guskovsky who states that ‘this was a one time thing.’ – in perfect Arabic.

Part 1 closes with Bechir fleeing the city, wondering if he’ll ever call Doha home again.

Part 2: The Magic Act

After successfully fleeing Doha, Bechir finds himself in a shipping container in India – filled with No-pats armed to the teeth. The No-pats are made up of a variety of individuals, with a former intelligence officer, doctor, nightclub bouncer, and car mechanic being named.

Bechir ends up talking to Navin Rao, a notorious Indian hacker and ex-MARCOS officer, who explains how armed Task Forces cropped up in the 30s when moving cargo between the Non-patriated became far too dangerous.

Part 2 1

Bechir quickly notices that the No-pats were fully equipped – apart from one key area, a boat. However, seeing as though Alang was the largest ship breaking yard in the world, the intentions of the No-pats soon became clear.

The No-pats complete their goal of stealing one of the ships, closely followed by the gunfire of the Indian Army. Rao brushes off a glancing wound and takes the helm, piloting the vessel around black iron corpses of ships that block the escape path.

PArt 2 2

Fortunately, Rao is a dab hand at navigating the ocean and escapes the pursuing army, dubbing the shipping container “The Copperfield” and beginning her journey as a no-pat.

Part 3: Coyote Run

The No-pats spent months moving everything from processors to pork bellies, with the latest cargo being 65 Australian refugees – adding ‘Coyote’ to the Task Force’s resume.

Shortly after, Bechir would finally see their next location appear through the mist – Brani Island, Singapore.

PArt 3 1

Whilst Bechir couldn’t feel sketchier, Rao was quietly confident thanks to the convincing credentials he had gotten. The team sailed through the sea wall protecting Brani Island in complete silence – however, if Singapore Port Authority got a sniff of the boat, that would soon change in a hurry.

To Bechir’s surprise, the boat docks undetected. Rao wastes no time in smuggling the refugees into a beat-up shipping container, outfitted with cots, a latrine, and supplies for a 10 day period.

As the final refugee is entering the hiding container, sirens start to sound around the port. Rangers (robotic quadrupeds with guns for brains) quickly rush towards the boat. As Casper begins to snipe the robotic assailants, Rao hacks into the automated distribution system to drop containers that would block the path of the chasers. However, it isn’t enough.

Part 3 2

The SPA pursues Bechir into the open waters where gunfire and screams overwhelm until silence. Cannon fire from a constellation of vessels on the horizon aids in the escape of the No-pats – made up of fishing trawlers, container ships, tug boats, and more.

Part 4: The Third Faction

It soon becomes clear that Oz isn’t the most informative of leaders, with Mackay explaining how things work around the No-pats. Bechir ends up floating aimlessly around the Yellow sea for two days, waiting for further information from Oz.

At 7.30am (approximately), an exec assistant at Daesong Electronics made out with 10 petabytes of internal data linked to their HQ  in Songdo – aided by a stolen corporate helicopter. A 20-year old Korean woman gets accused of the crime, suspected of being a foreign intelligence asset – how wrong they were.

Part 4 1

After finishing the news, Bechir goes back above deck for some air – spotting a flaming jet black helicopter sporting the Daesong logo in the distance. Joined by the rest of the No-pats, they watch the chopper crash. The unassuming Korean woman from the headlines floats down across the deck by parachute – known as specialist Ji-Soo Paik (the mole who infiltrated Daesong on Oz’s orders.

Casper and Rao usher the woman below deck, with Bechir’s brain firing on all cylinders trying to work this all out. It soon became clear that the No-pats were far from sympathetic underdogs – what we had here were infiltrating tech giants that were beating the superpowers at their own game.

Part 5: Pineapple Express

The journey of the No-pats is all but told for now – with the latest information coming this Monday.

Battlefield 2042 Release Date

Battlefield 2042 might be one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2021. It is due to hit your virtual shelves in the coming months, with many already preordering to ensure they get the game earlier than most.

Whilst the official release date is set for the 22nd October 2021, gamers do have the option of preordering premium versions of the game for early access (15th October 2021).

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, our complete guide to Battlefield 2042: Journey Of The No-Pats. For me, this is a great way of hooking gamers into the already anticipated storyline of this great game.

With parts of the story released on a weekly basis, it not only keeps gamers hooked but also adds further anticipation to the release. One thing’s for sure, Battlefield looks set to attract a tonne of gamers and this is certainly not hurting.

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