Battlefield 2042 – The lowdown on all the new Specialists announced

The Specialists in Battlefield are characters designed with a kit that works differently from the series’ predecessors. Each Specialist brings with them a refined kit, tailored to a specific task at hand. These kits are typically more equipment or ability-based than anything, meaning you can create unrestricted loadouts for all Specialists.

DICE decided to stop locking weapons behind classes, meaning anyone can pick up, for example, a Sniper Rifle or LMG rather than having them locked behind the Recon and Support classes.

With the freedom to play Battlefield 2042 in whatever way you want, you will more than likely find a Specialist to suit your playstyle. When Battlefield 2042 releases on October 12, you can play as any of the 10 Specialists, with more likely arriving as post-launch content.

As it stands, EA has yet to reveal the full roster of Specialists, so we will add more when we can. If you want to get a closer look at the Battlefield 2042 Specialists, then head over to EA to see their appearance and backstory.

Kimble “Irish” Graves

Ability: Fortification System – Deploys a DCS Cover that protects the Specialist from bullets and explosions. It also features an APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel, which terminates any hostile explosive device that it senses.

Passive: Veteran – Irish gets bonus armor with additional bonuses when he down enemy specialists.

Webster Macka

Ability: Grappling Hook – Webster fires a rope that attaches itself to surfaces. You can then retract the rope to propel yourself towards the anchored spot.

Passive: Nimble – Webster moves significantly more quietly than other Battlefield 2042 Specialists. He also gets improved ADS (aim down sights) while moving quickly.

Here is an example of Webster using his Grappling Hook in the DICE Gameplay Trailer.

Maria Falck

Ability: Syrette Pistol – Falpock fires her Syringe pistol to heal her wounded allies. The weapon can also be used offensively to wither away her foes.

Passive: Combat Surgeon – Falck is the only Specialist that can revive downed allies and bring them back to full health.

Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky

Ability: SG-36 Sentry System – Deploy an automatic turret that will fire at anyone that appears within its range and line of sight.

Passive: Sentry Operator – Enemies detected by your Sentry System will automatically be spotted and pinged to your teammates.

Wikus “Casper” Van Daele

Ability: OV-P Recon Drone – Deploy a Recon Drone to scout the vicinity and spot enemy Specialists in the field. The drone comes with an EMP concussive blast that will disorientate those hit by the drone while offering guidance for lock-on weapons.

Passive – Movement Sensor – Casper is equipped with movement sensors that notify him of nearby hostile movement, regardless if he is on his Recon Drone or not.

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