Battlefield 2042’s new Hazard Zone mode

In a trailer released on October 14th, 2021, we were introduced to a new mode coming to Battlefield 2042. An extraction mode, Hazard Zone tasks squads with collecting data drives from crashed satellites, and getting them, and your squad, to safety in one of just two extraction opportunities.

Battlefield 2042 – Hazard Zone squad mode

As satellites containing data drives plummet to the ground, you will drop in with your team in a fast-paced hybrid of PVE and PVE gameplay. Make sure you’re all clear how you’re going to play it, are you going on the offence or defence? With only one-life* to play with and a dangerous storm closing in, every decision counts.

Team Tactics

As you are required to gather data drives from the ground and deliver them to safety, you’ll need to decide whether you want to go in hard or fast, and risk being taken out from afar. Otherwise, you can always take your time, watching the drop sites from a distant vantage point, sniping any enemy teams that get to the loot first. Even consider splitting up, with half the team working from a distance, and the other coming in for close combat, ready to grab the drive and run.

This is definitely going to be a mode of varying tactics and, while you don’t need enemy kills to take the win, downing opponents could give you additional drives or clear your route to safety.

Squad selection

hazard zone battlefield 2042 mode

Which specialist you take into battle is a crucial choice you have to make before you even drop in. With each playable character having different skills, make sure your squad is well balanced before entering the fight. Sign up to find out more about the Hazard Zone specialists when they’re revealed.

Speaking of downing enemies, you might have to consider violence if you want to get off ground and safely deliver those drives. Small jets will arrive on the map to carry winning teams away, but you’ll be an easy target as you board. Same goes for anyone attempting to board ahead of you. Get those snipers at the ready.

Occupying Forces

hazard zone mode battlefield 2042

Not only will you have to contend with other players on the map, you’ll have to take care of enemy AI at drop points as well. Occupying forces will guard the drops you so desperately want, so you’ll need to take them out before you can even get close

Laptops with specific uses will be scattered across the map to help you and your squad to victory. Be first to collect Vehicle, Ranger or Reinforcement Uplinks for an extra boost against your enemy teams.

Ok, so technically you only have one life. But if at least one of you can stay alive long enough to get to a Reinforcement Uplink, your team might yet get a second chance. Collect a specific Reinforcement Uplink, and use it at any time to bring all downed teammates back from the brink.


By successfully extracting with data drives, you will receive XP and Dark Market Credits. Dark Market Credits will enable you to get better loot in the next match, so collect plenty to get a real edge on your opponents. The more data drives you manage to extract with, the more XP and Credits you’ll receive.

Battlefield 2042 – Release date

Following an initial release date of October 22nd, 2021, Battlefield 2042 was pushed back, and is now set for release on November 19th. Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone will be playable from launch.

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