Battlefield 5 Free On Steam? Real Or Big Oof?

If you are like me and love any free game, even when you have no intention of playing it, it still ends up downloaded and in the library. Epic games free weekly game has turned me into a free game junkie, so when I stumble across the odd leak here and there about big titles becoming free on Steam, it gets my attention.

A bit of confusion around Battlefield 5 becoming free arrived earlier today, with SteamDB posting some information stating we were going to get Battlefield 5 free for 1 second on the 26th of August. Unfortunately, SteamDB later posted that this is not to be the case and they are unsure why this has happened, with it clearly being a mistake.

I, for one, was truly disappointed with the updated statement, as Battlefield 5 being free made a lot of sense, seeing how it is one of the worst in the franchise’s recent history, and the new Battlefield 2042 is due in the next few months.

Now if you have come here and ended up as annoyed and confused as me, then don’t worry, all is not lost. I can’t speculate on whether or not Battlefield 5 will be free in the near future on Steam but there is something that may interest you. Battlefield 5 is free on Amazon Prime gaming, through Origin. If you aren’t already a Prime member, you can always take advantage of their free trials that run throughout the year instead and pick up the game completely free.

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