Battlefield Mobile alpha test footage leaks

With the hotly anticipated Battlefield 2042 having been delayed and rumoured beta tests still to go, of course, the other Battlefield game in development over at EA would leak out.

Currently in Alpha testing, the game seems to be aiming to bring the “full” Battlefield experience to mobile phones, much like Call of Duty Mobile. The footage is incredibly murky, filled with fist-sized pixels, but it looks and seems to play like a Battlefield game.

I’m positive the game is going to be jam-packed with microtransactions for you to fill your boots with. But if Call of Duty Mobile is anything to go by, it shouldn’t affect the actual moment-to-moment action and could result in some absolutely bizarre crossovers in the distant future.

While it’s still in Alpha and clearly needs a lot of work to be done to it, the map featured does seem to be more smaller than your average Battlefield game, which is understandable. However, if this is to recreate that Battlefield feeling on mobile, I do wonder if it’ll begin to get hectic with the abundance of things to use in each map or if the game will have a weird limitation on vehicles and such to help assist the smaller maps by limiting action.

The footage that leaked out also features a tank doing some damage to the environment around them, with what looks like some (admittedly cute) destruction physics, as well as your standard ‘boots on the ground’ action between players.

Battlefield Mobile absolutely looks like another first-person-shooter on your phone, complete with an over-abundance of user interface buttons to control it for those without a controller. I wouldn’t expect this any time soon, but I bet you anything it gets a simultaneous release on both iOS and Android.

Battlefield 2042 was recently delayed after a rather bombastic marketing push, but should be coming out later this year.

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