Best 32-inch Samsung Monitor Black Friday deals

Are you after the best 32-inch Samsung Monitor Black Friday deals? We’ve got them all right here. If you’re hunting for a larger gaming monitor that doesn’t stray into the territory of being double-wide, then you’ll find no better brand than Samsung’s offerings. South Korea’s biggest company currently offers 3 different 32” monitors, and they all feature great image quality for a decent price. Having said that, if you’re looking for high-end gaming performance it’ll be tough for you to beat the sheer performance of the Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor and its crystal clear 1440p screen with a 240Hz refresh rate that’s perfect for rapid action. 

The best 32-inch Samsung Monitor Black Friday deals in 2021? 

When it comes to a decent reduction, it’s probably going to be hard to beat the G7 Gaming monitor. This is one of Samsung’s award-winning gaming monitors, so chances are they’re going to be trying to push this product as much as possible. With previous discounts hitting around the 30% area, we’ll hopefully see similar discounts again during Black Friday 2021 bringing the G7 down to a rock-bottom price for tech this fancy. If you’re aiming even cheaper then consider the UR59C. It doesn’t come with the same advanced refresh rate but offers a full 4K resolution which is a compromise you might have to think long and hard about. This non-gaming monitor should also see a decent discount with its slightly broader appeal. 

What 32-inch Samsung Monitor deals will there be on Black Friday 2021? 

Chances are that Samsung will be offered a wide range of discounts on all their 32” monitors during Black Friday 2021, including the monitors we’ve mentioned above as well as the other monitor in the 32” range. Also don’t forget that these monitors will be features on sites like Amazon and Walmart too, with potentially even bigger discounts than those to be found directly from the seller.

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