Best ASUS ROG Black Friday deals

ASUS ROG has been leading the charge in the world of high-end PC components and peripherals for years now and has made a name for itself with reliable quality control and uncompromising gamer aesthetics, with a liberal application of RGB lighting, of course. They now have hardware covering almost every aspect of PC Gaming technology; headsets, motherboards, monitors, keyboards, the list truly goes on. Given the vast range of products they make it’s worth keeping an eye on them this holiday season as the ASUS ROG Black Friday deals are sure to present some price-saving opportunities.

Best ASUS ROG Motherboard Black Friday deals

ASUS ROG produces some of the most feature-laden, overclocking-capable motherboards on the market today, with prices topping out at $1500! Fear not, dear reader as the prices do drop to reasonable levels. The range of motherboards boasts some of the most comprehensive features lists you can find on motherboards these days and are designed to precisely target hardcore PC gamers who need the most from their components. ASUS ROG has been known to deliver some fairly attractive offers on their industry-leading motherboards when it comes to Black Friday so remember to check back here frequently as the day approaches as we will keep you posted on the best ASUS ROG Black Friday deals, not only for motherboards but for the rest of their range.

The ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero is a particular standout to consider this Black Friday, specifically because of its dedicated utilities for keeping your system running cool, with seven DC/PWM fan headers, and even dedicated headers for AIO pumps or aftermarket custom pumps for those custom loop water-cooling enthusiasts. Additionally, it features 3 individual temperature sources allowing you to get the most complete thermal information from your Gaming PC.

Best ASUS ROG monitor Black Friday deals

When it comes to gaming monitors ASUS ROG consistently ranks near the top with competitive specs and punchy designs. It’s an established fact that higher refresh rates improve gaming performance and some of ASUS’s ROG gaming monitors can be overclocked to over 300Hz if your PC can handle it. So, if you’ve been looking to take your competitive gaming skills to the next level, an ROG monitor is a good place to start, better now that the Black Friday sales season is upon us. ASUS can generally be relied upon to cut the prices of their monitors which is fortunate as we are big fans and regularly recommend them in our reviews.

The ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN is one you should consider trying to get hold of this black Friday with an unparalleled 360Hz refresh rate and a 1ms GTG response time, the resolution is only standard 1080p but with technologies like G-SYNC the fluidity, and lucidity this monitor provides is unparalleled if you need the absolute top tier of monitors for performance keep a tab open on this page to wait for the price drop this year.

Best ASUS ROG keyboard Black Friday deals

ASUS ROG has produced a number of gaming-focused keyboards over the years with some considerable success, the prices are generally high but the excellent build quality and implementation of official Cherry MX Key Switches has propelled their gaming keyboards onto the desks of many gamers, to that end we recommend keeping tabs on the ROG Falchion this Black Friday as it utilizes the increasingly popular 65% layout, maximizing space on your desk without limiting productivity or gaming performance. It ships as standard with PBT Doubleshot caps and has a wireless battery life of up to 450 hours. It also has the obligatory RGB lighting, because is a keyboard even worth it without RGB.

Best ASUS ROG Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals

ASUS ROG isn’t generally known for their Gaming mice but they have managed to worm their way into that domain too, with some very competitive sensor specs and a broad range of wired and wireless mice. A standout of their mouse range is the ROG Chakram with some incredible customization options and killer wireless fast charging with a Qi-enabled mousepad. The most interesting thing about this mouse is the analog/digital joystick on the thumb-side which can be bound to control whatever you want, providing a new mouse experience.

The mouse buttons also take advantage of ASUS ROG’s pivoted design meaning there is no gap between the button and the switch, optimizing and increasing the speed and tactility. It’s an expensive mouse, but the features make it a compelling addition to your gaming setup so pay attention on Black Friday, maybe you can pick up this monster for a decent discount.

Best ASUS ROG Gaming Headset Black Friday deals

ROG headsets are venerated by the gaming community for their outstanding out-of-the-box sound quality and some of the best comfort available in this area of the market. A headset is an essential part of any decent gaming setup and ROG has a variety to choose from, with some pretty good potential for discounts on Black Friday, We like the ROG Strix Fusion wireless because of its innovative and intuitive touch controls and the very decent 7.1 virtual surround audio profile. Additionally, the wireless connection eliminates the worry of cable snags and allows you to focus on the game.

Best Asus ROG Gaming Laptop deals

When it comes to Gaming Laptops ASUS RGO’s Strix lineup is hard to beat, they offer insane gaming power given their diminutive stature and slim form factor and allow you to game on the go. the ROG range of products cavers all price ranges and performance needs. Our pick for Black Friday is the ASUS ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition, with the Radeon RX 6800M GPU and the Ryzen 9 5900HX Processor this laptop is a verifiable gaming beast and you might be able to get a chance at taming it this year during Black Friday.

So there we have it, our rundown of what we are likely to see in terms of ASUS ROG Black Friday deals, we’ll continue to update this page and many others as the date draws closer so check back frequently as we keep you abreast of all the best Black Friday deals.

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