Best Black Friday 2021 Samsung Neo QLED TV Deals 2021

Are you after the best Samsung Neo QLED deals? Well, look no further. Samsung really likes to get fancy with their Smart TVs, and 2021 has been no exception. Earlier in 2021, they announced the release of a new series of Neo QLED TVs that offer even better picture definition than previously thought possible for a consumer product. With glowing reviews coming from all over the place, chances are there’ll be more than a few people hankering for a good deal on these things. 

The current, most-hyped Neo QLED TV that Samsung sells is the QN900A 8K TV, offering not only great pixel density but also some of the best contrast of any consumer-level display on the market. With the season of deals fast approaching, it might be time to start thinking about investing in Samsung’s latest TV tech. 

What will be the best Samsung Neo QLED TV deals in 2021? 

This is the first year that Samsung’s NEO QLED TVs have been available, so getting an idea from previous Black Fridays is going to be tough. Basing our estimations on last year old-style QLED TVs we can see that there were some sizeable discounts from a variety of different retailers, some of whom offered more than $1000 off. 

With this being a brand-new product, Samsung may be reluctant to let the price drop too much. However, this is also the first chance that the company has had to really discount their latest tech, and with Black Friday being such a sales booster, chances are we’re at least going to see a decent discount. 

What to expect for Samsung Neo QLED TV Deals on Black Friday 2021? 

The kind of discounted TVs on Black Friday is usually Walmart and other similar online retailers who maintain a physical presence, such as Best Buy. Stock is going to be limited on these items, so make sure you get in early if you’re hankering for a decent deal, especially on the most high-end models. 

Amazon is a great online-only retailer that also tends to offer some relatively high discounts, especially when it comes to electronics like this.

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