Best Black Friday 4K Monitor Deals

What to look for in the Black Friday 4K Gaming Monitor Deals

Whilst finding the best discount might be your number one priority right now, we still recommend educating yourself on what actually makes a 4K gaming monitor a great one.

Below is a list of factors that could potentially affect the price, performance, and overall user experience of a 4K gaming monitor:

Bezels: A monitor bezel is, for all intents and purposes, the border that sits around the edge of your display. Bezels come in different sizes, with thinner being more advantageous when it comes to immersion. Depending on your styling preference, would recommend finding a monitor that has thin bezels, providing a great overall viewing experience.

Stand: The stand is an extremely important factor when it comes to a monitor purchase. It brings your monitor functionality and versatility, especially when it comes to viewing angles and ease of access for ports. Whilst a great stand may be desirable, they can add a decent amount to the final price point.

Screen size: Screen size is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a 4K monitor, mainly because it adds a huge premium to the cost of your panel. For 4K gaming monitors, you want to be looking at 27-32inch panels. These will, ultimately, provide you with the best viewing experience.

Curved: The last thing to take into consideration is the curvature (or lack of) of a 4K gaming monitor. A curved panel can add a tonne of immersion to your gaming experience but will rack up the price exponentially.

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