Best Black Friday 4K TV Deals

As Black Friday deals start to filter through, it’s probably a good time to discuss some of the technical features a 4K TV comes equipped with – especially the ones that have a direct impact on the price of a panel. I mean, the last thing you want to do on Black Friday is over-pay for a TV that offers features you’ll never use.

Below we’re going to outline some of the most impactful specs a 4K TV comes equipped with. That way, you’ll be able to decide whether or not the TV you have your eye on is actually right for your needs.


High dynamic range has been used within TVs for some time now, providing greater depth of color and more realism than previously available. The technology is used to stretch the range between the brightest bright and the darkest dark, giving more detail at both ends of the spectrum. Whilst this is a good feature to have in a TV, it also adds a premium to the price of your display.


Curved TVs have been around for years now, offering a nice mix of aesthetic appeal and immersion to consumers who opt to purchase them. Despite this feature being positive in most scenarios, it can also be a negative when discussing the overall price of your display.


OLED is a much newer technology, only just coming to the forefront of the TV marketplace. OLED, or organic light-emitted diode, is a technology that sees an organic compound layer used to emit light – allowing each of the pixels on an OLED display to function independently. This has a huge impact on color accuracy, black depth, and overall picture quality. Unfortunately, however, it does have a massive impact on the price.

Screen Size

Like monitors, the size of your TV affects much more than how much space it takes up in your living room. With a 4K TV, it’s worth understanding pixel density after a certain size. Once you get above 65 inches, you start to lose some of the clarity that 4K brings to the table – one of the fundamental reasons why 8K TVs are more desirable.

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