Best Black Friday 55 Inch TV Deals

What To Look For In A Black Friday 55 Inch TV Deal

Shopping for a 55 inch TV this Black Friday can be difficult, given the number of factors to consider, all of which can influence both your viewing experience and also the price to greater or lesser degrees depending on your priorities. If certain specifications aren’t that important to you then selecting a model in which these aren’t major features could save you some cash. Listed below are the major considerations you should consider when you are shopping for a 55-inch TV on Black Friday:


OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screens, are the latest displays that can be found in the higher end televisions in 2020. Whereas LCD screens require backlight panels to properly illuminate the screen, OLED screens are instead lit by an organic compound layer which enables each pixel to independently adapt their brightness. This means that OLED screens can be much thinner in profile and also allows for a greater depth of color and picture quality. The only real downside of OLED the technology is the greater cost that comes with it, meaning it’s a feature limited to the higher price range offerings of 55 inch TVs on Black Friday 2020.


Secondary to screen size, resolution is the main feature prospective buyers look for when searching for a new TV on Black Friday. Image quality is chiefly determined by the resolution of a TV, and the highest resolutions available are 4K and most recently 8K screens. Bear in mind that the larger the screen size, the more the same number of pixels (which determines resolution) will have to be stretched to fit, reducing the quality of the image, so the bigger the screen the higher the resolution you will need to maintain the same image quality. Additionally lower resolution sourced media (such as HD 1080p broadcast footage or streamed programming) will have to be upscaled or stretched to fit to higher resolution TVs. Generally on 55 inch TVs 1080p footage tends to look acceptable to most viewers, though this can be subjective, anything above 55 inch though and the image quality is noticeably reduced. In most cases the higher the TV’s resolution, the higher the price, fortunately here we have all the biggest Black Friday discounts 55 inch TVs to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


HDR (High Dynamic Range technology) increases the maximum contrast ratio of a television set – giving greater depth to the darkest areas of an image and enabling the brightest parts to have a greater range of brightness. The overall effect of this is a more immersive color gamut and realistic visual experience. HDR is not a new technology, and we would expect the majority of televisions outside of the budget ranges to have it, it is still a feature however that will bring up the cost of any 55 inch TV you are looking to buy on Black Friday 2020.

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