Best Black Friday 65 Inch TVs Deals

What to look for in a Black Friday 65 Inch TV Deal

Choosing the right Black Friday 65-inch TV can be tricky – even more so if you aren’t fully up to speed with the latest TV tech. Whilst price is undeniably everyone’s number one consideration around this time of year, we must also ensure the TV we purchase actually meets our requirements. In some cases, you may actually be overspending for features you simply don’t need.

For that reason, we’ve outlined the most impactful features a television comes equipped with – ranked in order of how much of a premium they add to the final price:


OLED, or organic light-emitted diode, is a newer technology being rolled out in modern TVs, replacing the generic LED backlight with an organic compound layer which allows pixels to dim independently. OLED panels have a much greater depth of color and far better picture quality overall. However, the technology will put a massive premium on any display utilizing it.


Resolution is pretty key when it comes to both picture quality and overall gaming experience. Despite almost every 65-inch TV being 4K and above, it’s still worth mentioning, especially for those looking to purchase a TV that utilizes a lower resolution. The next step up from 4K is 8K, and with that step comes a massive price leap – as you’d expect.


High dynamic range is nothing new, however, it does add a premium to any TV utilizing it. HDR extends the range between the darkest dark and the brightest bright, providing a more realistic and immersive color experience. Again, televisions with this technology will add a premium to the overall cost but do improve user experience a lot.

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