Best Black Friday 75 Inch TV Deals

What To Look For In A Black Friday 75 Inch TV Deal

Unless you’re up to speed on all the latest releases in the television market, shopping for a 75 inch TV this Black Friday can be a headache. Regardless of your budget, there are various considerations that you need to factor into your decision making process, all of which will have an impact on the price to greater and lesser degrees. If a particular specification isn’t that important to you then you could save money by going for a model in which it isn’t as prominent a feature. See below for a list of the major considerations you should think about when shopping for a 75-inch TV on Black Friday:



Organic Light-Emitting Diode, or OLED for short, is the latest display technology which can be found in the latest high end TVs. Unlike LCD screens, OLED screens do not require backlight panels, meaning they can often be much thinner. The illumination of the screen comes from an organic compound layer that allows each pixel to adjust its brightness independently. This results in a greater picture quality and depth of color for the new OLED TVs. The only downside of the technology is the high cost it brings with it, making it a feature for the higher end entries in the price range of 75 inch TVs for Black Friday 2020.



Besides the size of the screen, resolution is probably the biggest feature people look for when purchasing a new television. Resolution is the key metric in terms of image quality. Bear in mind that once you get into the larger size televisions, 75 inch and above in particular, there is not much point (in our view) in buying one which is not 4K or 8K resolution if image quality is important to you. For any resolution below 4K at this size of screen the image quality will be noticeably reduced compared to on smaller TVs. The higher the resolution however, the higher the price generally speaking. Fortunately on this page we have gathered all the biggest Black Friday savings on 4K and 8K 75 inch TVs for 2020.


High Dynamic Range technology (HDR) basically improves the potential contrast range that a TV can display – making the darkest darks darker and the brightest bright spots that much brighter. The net result of this on viewing experience is more realistic and immersive color gamut. Whilst HDR is no longer a new technology, it will still add to the cost of any 75 inch TV you are looking to buy this Black Friday.

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