Best Black Friday Alienware Monitor Deals

What to look for in the Black Friday Alienware Monitor Deals

Before going ahead with purchasing a gaming monitor, either an Alienware monitor or a different brand, we recommend going through the various aspects that you should consider when deciding where to spend your hard earned money.

Below is a list of the specifications that might affect your overall user experience, performance, and most crucially the price of an Alienware gaming monitor:

Bezels: The border covering the edge of your display is typically referred to as a bezel, and these come in different sizes relative to the rest of the screen. For most people the thinner the bezel the better, the narrower visible border improving immersion in the game, film, or video footage and generally being less distracting. This is partially subjective of course, but in almost every case we would recommend going for an Alienware monitor with the thinnest bezel available this Black Friday.

Stand: Stand quality is often a feature that is overlooked when shopping for a gaming monitor on Black Friday, but they are important in terms of not just visuals but also practical reasons. A wobbling screen can be irritating, and sturdiness and stability are an important aspect of build quality, particularly when spending the significant asking price for an Alienware gaming monitor. Beyond this is the basic, but important consideration of whether the monitor will fit on your desk, as well as the ability to access sockets and ports and to reposition the screen. Whilst not the most important point to consider when buying a new gaming monitor on Black Friday, quality of stand should always be considered.

Screen size: The primary feature for most consumers looking to buy a new monitor is screen size, and this is one of the aspects that adds most to the cost. If looking to buy one of the larger sized Alienware gaming monitors, or indeed any other brand of screen, we would certainly recommend taking advantage of some of the massive savings that can be had over Black Friday to knock down the price. Ultimately the size of monitor you should go for will depend on how you are using it: for competitive gamers a 24-27 inch monitor is recommended, for workstation or home cinema monitors however 27-32 inch panels or above would provide the best viewing experience.

Refresh Rate: For competitive gaming in particular, refresh rate is important. 144Hz or above is what we recommend when buying an Alienware gaming monitor for competitive gaming, to ensure the speediest possible frame rate. For more general, non-competitive gaming use, or indeed for a workstation PC, 60Hz or above will do when buying a monitor on Black Friday.

Resolution: Assuming screen size stays constant, the higher the resolution the sharper the image when buying a monitor. Along with screen size, resolution is the biggest consideration for most people when buying a new screen, as it has a massive impact on your overall viewing experience. Ultimately any new Alienware monitor you buy this Black Friday will be 1080p at minimum, and this is the ideal resolution for most competitive gamers. For those who prioritise breathtaking images on larger screens to maximise their immersive experience, rather than faster reaction speeds, the higher the resolution the better, your wallet allowing. Alienware offer screens at 1080p, 1440p and 4K, and are some of the best gaming monitors that money can buy this Black Friday.

Curved or Flatscreen: The final thing to consider when buying a monitor on Black Friday is the curvature. Most people are satisfied with flat screens, which are more versatile. But if your priority is full immersion in your gaming experience, then curved monitors cannot be beat, though the price increase is substantial. Alienware are one of the market leaders in curved gaming monitors and we aim to bring you the best Alienware Black Friday curved monitor deals.


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