Best Black Friday MacBook deals 2021

Black Friday 2021 is upon us, and with everything under the sun seemingly getting discounted all at once, it can be hard to cut the wheat from the chaff, that’s why we’re going to drop you the best Macbook Black Friday deals of 2021. It is a challenging time to purchase a laptop or a computer of any kind, not only due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage but also due to the sheer size and scale of just how much is available out there currently. But, the MacBook is the tried and true go-to that works for most people, especially if you’re not looking to use a gaming computer. There’s a good reason why MacBooks are some of the most popular laptops in the world. However, if you’re not entirely into the Apple ecosystem, or want to use Windows instead, check out our page on the best laptop deals you can find this Black Friday instead. 

When can we see the best MacBook Black Friday deals?

You can expect to see Macbook Black Friday deals starting from the last week of November, with the actual date of Black Friday landing on November 26. There, you can expect a flurry of retailers to start to blast out as many deals as possible in order to entice you into making a purchase. You can expect that the  MacBook will be one of the most popular items this Black Friday, pretty much ensuring that you’ll have to fight in order to get one of the best deals by being on top of all of the latest deals. Luckily for you, we’ve done all of the work and you should be able to find them all right here on this page. 

Tips for buying a Macbook this Black Friday 

It can be a pretty daunting prospect to purchase something as expensive as a Macbook on Black Friday, so quell your fears and slake the thirst for your knowledge on how to actually purchase a Macbook, as we’ve just a few handy-dandy tips that will help you through the process as well as make sure that you’re not left without this Black Friday. 

  • Know your budget
    It can be easy to go wild this Black Friday with regards to what you want to purchase and how much you want to spend, but it’s definitely a good thing to define your upper limit in terms of budget just to ensure that you don’t overspend.
  • Consider the market
    Yeah, we all know that MacBooks have a reputation for being incredibly sturdy and nice, but there are other well-built Windows alternatives that perform just as well, if not better. So, if you’re not precious about having an Apple logo on the back of your PC, be sure to check out anything other than the MacBook specifically as these get discounted significantly more than Apple’s offerings generally do so.
  • Know what make and model you want
    The Macbook from late 2020 is not the new model coming in late 2021, so it’s best to know ahead of time to know what product you’ll be wanting to purchase, in addition to the technical specifications that you’re wanting, as some of the higher-end models will have significant discounts on them, especially if there’s a new model of the product you want to buy already released.

How much is a MacBook Pro on Black Friday?

Based on previous Black Friday offers, we could see some SKU’s of MacBook Pro being discounted by as much as $200 on Black Friday. Coming in several different flavors, the Macbook Pro is a product line that Apple themselves like to update fairly frequently, with the most recent example being the models that they announced at the recent Apple Unleashed event, where they added new models and sizes to the product stack. These new models will likely have around a $100 discount at some retailers, but the real bargains will be found on the late-2020 model, which will now be discontinued, and retailers will be looking to clear out their stock in favor of the new model, in these can go up to around $200 off RRP and potentially more, especially if you want to purchase the models with higher RAM and Storage. 

How much is a MacBook Air on Black Friday?

The ever-popular MacBook Air 2020 model equipped with the Apple M1 chip has previously been discounted all the way down to $849.99, and we expect that the model will drop down to the same price once again for Black Friday. We do not expect it to drop further however as it is a current model that has been around for a little while. It could potentially go all the way down to $799.99, but that remains to be seen, dependent upon if retailers choose to have a price war over the Macbook Air or not. Either way, this will be one of the hottest Apple MacBooks available this year, so keep your eyes out for more. 

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