Best Black Friday Samsung home appliance deals

Samsung might be most famous for their mobile tech these days, but they offer a huge variety when it comes to home appliances like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and refrigerators. They’ve been in the home appliance business for quite a long time, and have proven to be reliable in pretty much every market they’re a part of. 

One of the fanciest pieces of home tech they produce is the Family Hub series of smart refrigerators. These devices can do much more than keep your food cold, with Amazon Alexa integration, and various other features via a screen on the front door. They’re also available in a variety of configurations, and with any luck, they should see a decent discount this November. 

The best Black Friday Samsung home appliance deals?

As you might expect, Black Friday 2021 is shaping up to make Samsung home appliances as cheap as they’ve ever been before. In previous years, products like cordless vacuums and microwaves have seen $100 discounts, with larger goods clocking in even more impressive savings. 

The aforementioned family hub refrigerators are liable to be one of the most heavily discounted items that Samsung offers in their home appliance range. Last year, some retailers were offering a family hub fridge with nearly $1000 knocked off of the price. This year, we should look out for a similar range of offers from a lot of different retailers. 

What Samsung home appliance deals will there be on Black Friday? 

If you’re looking for larger appliances, the best places for deals are more likely to be online retailers who also operate brick-and-mortar stores. In the past, places like Home Depot and Best Buy have offered some pretty huge discounts on large home appliances like fridges and dishwashers. 

If you’re more in the mood for smaller home appliances like cordless vacuums, then Amazon is a great place to look out for, but don’t forget that Samsung’s own online is likely to be offering some sizable discounts. 

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