Best Cheap 144Hz Monitor For Gaming (1ms, 27″, 1080p)

For those new to buying monitors for gaming, below we have listed some of the most important buying tips for newcomers.

This will hopefully make your next purchasing decision that little bit easier:

Get The Highest Refresh Rate Possible: When it comes to gaming monitors, we should always look for the highest refresh rate possible. As we said earlier, this is one of the most impactful specifications when it comes to the smoothness of your gameplay.

Low Response Times: Another important area to always consider is response time. This is how quickly your pixels change color – mainly using the GTG transition. Having a low response time will reduce screen artifacts like ghosting and smearing.

What Is Considered Cheap: So, what exactly is a cheap 144hz gaming monitor in today’s market. Well, anything under $200 is considered relatively cheap. As you can see from the selection above, we’ve tried to stick around this area as going any lower will reduce performance exponentially.

Expect Poor Build Quality: When you’re buying from the lower end of the price spectrum, build quality is often an area that is compromised to save on cost. Whilst this isn’t too problematic, it can increase the chance of instability and faults down the line.

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