Best LG Soundbar deals Black Friday 2021

Are you hankering for a new LG Soundbar this Black Friday? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled all of the best deals that you’ll find anywhere on the market for LG Soundbars this Black Friday season. LG makes some truly excellent soundbars with some industry-leading features, such as AI room optimization that can get the absolute most out of any sound system that these bars are part of. Of course, you can also expect other key features like Dobly Atmos support, from these top-tier devices. 

What are the best LG Soundbar Black Friday 2021 deals?

When it comes to the best LG Soundbar deals, you have to look at LG’s best soundbars. Easily the company’s top product in this area is the SP11RA, a top-notch soundbar with some of the best audio quality even at high volumes, so if you’re a fan of blasting your music this is the one for you, we also expect other models coming down in price, but they’re not necessarily quite as good as that. Definitely keep your eyes out this Black Friday.

How much will an LG Soundbar be on Black Friday 2021?

In terms of reductions, last Black Friday we saw some of LGs most advanced devices dropping their price by at least $300, so we can look forward to similar reductions this year depending on the retailer. Some cheaper models may have lesser reductions, but that should be offset by the initial cheaper price. LG offers a pretty wide variety of different soundbar options, and a sizeable chunk of them should be available at a discount during Black Friday. There’s the high-end SP11RA that we mentioned above, but if you’re aiming for something a bit cheaper, then the SN9YG is a great choice as it still features AI calibration but cuts down on costs by removing the dual rear speakers. You can find all of the best deals in the list below. 

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