Best Philips Hue Black Friday Deals

Philips Hue was among the first brands of home smart lighting technology, as such they have continued to be the gold standard of this product industry and have expanded to produce much more than just customizable lightbulbs, they have central bridge hubs, outdoor lighting solutions, even fully-fledged lamps, and of course lighting strips, just in case you thought they were leaving gamers behind. This page will give you a rundown of the products they offer and an idea of the Philips hue Black Friday deals to take advantage of this November.

Cheapest Philips Hue starter kit Black Friday deals

The starter kit includes 4 bulbs and a bridge hub, everything you need to start making your home smarter. It’s also very expandable, with the bridge offering support for up to 50 bulbs and 12 accessory devices. This then links to your phone via an app and you control it all from there. making your home less stupid has never been easier. For bonus smart home points the Philips hue range is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, ever wanted to shout at your lightbulbs? Now you can.

The starter pack is an understandably popular product from the Philips hue lineup and will no doubt be subject to discounts around Black Friday. The cheapest deal is yet to be determined but we will endeavor to keep you updated.

Cheapest Philips Hue bulbs Black Friday deals

The lightbulbs form the most popular aspect of the Philips Hue product ecosystem and probably provide the most accessible way to increase your Philips hue lineup, given that the bridge hub supports up to fifty bulbs simultaneously unless you live in a palace you could kit your entire house out with this and still have room on the hub to spare. These bulbs have a history of popularity on Black Friday given that they were among the first of the now extremely popular smart home lighting product category and will doubtless make a return this year and we will keep you in the know for where the cheapest Philips hue black Friday deals turn up.

Cheapest Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Black Friday Deals

The Lighstrip Plus is Philips’s premier offering in the way of customizable ambient lighting. It can help you add a relaxing evening glow to your living room, or provide a deadly vivid accent around your gaming area to really up the competitive dramatics. Regardless of your intended use case, the Lightstrip Plus has got you covered with its flexible adjustability and easy installation courtesy of the included adhesive backing. Another nice feature that might tempt you into the Philips hue black Friday deals is the ability to extend it with the additional 3.3ft long Philips Lightstrips to a maximum length of 32ft. and if you only need to light a small area you can trim the Lightstrip Plus yourself. If a discounted opportunity to enhance your home setup with some custom lighting has tickled your fancy we are going to keep this page updated with the best deals we can find.

Cheapest Philips Hue Lamps

A more standalone product from the Philips hue lineup is their range of lamps, all come with a Philips Hue bulb, they come in a variety of sizes and styles to match your existing room decor. Actual home furnishings may come as a surprise but if they’ve gone this far, why not? These lamps come with an included dimmer remote or can be used with the aforementioned bridge hub to fully integrate the lamps with the rest of your Philips Hue products. The range of design is large, with floor and table models. the floor models, specifically come in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes with the interesting and fully customizable lighting that the Philips Hue products are known for.

Overall the Philips Hue Black Friday deals are looking strong this year around, remember to check back frequently as we continue to update our Black Friday website pages.

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