Best Philips TVs Black Friday: Budget to Premium, OLED, Ambilight, Mini LED

For the very best Philips TV deals on Black Friday 2021, from 8K TVs, 4K TVs, from 40 inch televisions all the way up to 77 inch monsters, we will list them all here at WePC. We also include Ambilight TV deals which use Philip’s proprietary technology.

Philips is a Dutch multinational electronics company that produces everything from lighting and medical equipment to sounds systems and of course televisions. Philips TVs include both premium level OLED TVs, and Mini LED TVs in a range of sizes and for a range of budgets. Have a read at the below selections to see which ones we consider the best this Black Friday.

If you already know the specific Philips TV you want to buy, see if it is on the following list of specific Philips TV Black Friday deals:

What are the best Philips TVs this Black Friday?

The best Philips TV this Black Friday 2021 is a title that goes to either the Philips OLED806 or the Philips OLED856 – both premium 4K OLED TVs with Ambilight technology, just different bases. Either of these would be ideal as a gaming TV, but if you want a non-OLED option then the Philips 9636 4K MiniLED TV or Philips 9506 4K MiniLED TV are both also fabulous options. Finally the Philips Ambilight PUS8555 is a great budget TV for Black Friday 2021.

The best 4K Philips TVs this Black Friday

The Philips OLED806 is a superb premium Philips TV offering newly released in late 2021, which has won several awards. Its quality is up there with the best LG OLED displays and it also comes with Philip’s own Ambilight technology – a unique feature specific to Philips TVs which uses LEDs to project colored light that matches the scene on the screen, improving immersion for both films and gaming. In the case of the Philips OLED806 this projects from all four sides of the display. The Philips OLED856 is essentially the same TV, just with a different stand. Both have fantastic 4K 120Hz displays and great sound replication, the only downside of either is that they may require some modifications making within the settings to get the most out of them. Both qualify for the best 4K Philips TV for Black Friday 2021.

The best Philips TV for gaming this Black Friday

The aforementioned Philips OLED806 or Philips OLED856 are both great premium gaming TVs for Black Friday 2021. The 120Hz refresh rate of both is supported by VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology to reduce screen tearing, soon to include Nvidia G-Sync, and for TVs of this size and resolution they have reasonably low input lag, helped by Auto Low Latency Mode technology. The issue with OLED TVs when playing games is the risk of permanent image burn-in, so you may also want to consider some of Philip’s MiniLED TVs, which offer the same gaming features and almost as impressive picture quality but none of the burn-in risk, such as the Philips 9636 4K MiniLED TV or Philips 9506 4K MiniLED TV (essentially the same but with lower peak brightness – but still very bright).

The best 8K Philips TVs this Black Friday

Philips don’t currently have any 8K TVs available at the time of writing, but we do know that a Philips 8K TV should be releasing at some point in the next few months. It seems unlikely this will hit the shelves in time for Black Friday 2021, but we may see one appear before the end of the year. Watch this space for more info!

The best budget Philips TVs this Black Friday

For the best budget Philips TV on Black Friday 2021 the Philips Ambilight PUS8555 has you covered. This 4K Ultra HD HDR display has Ambilight on the top and sides, as well as Dolby Atmos sound for great immersion during films and other media. Though not up there with the OLED displays or the Mini LED options, the HDR10+ functionality helps the contrast pop better than you’d normally expect.

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