Best Samsung SSD Black Friday deals

If you’re looking for a way to expand your storage while keeping your top speeds, then you’re going to need a Samsung SSD. Samsung has been making high-quality, high-speed SSD storage devices for over a decade at this point, and they’ve more than proven they can keep their heads above water in the competitive storage medium market. 

Current offerings like the Samsung 970 EVO Plus is easily one of the best SSD deals going right now, and with Black Friday on the horizon, it means we’re liable to see the price of these and other top-tier SSDs drop through the floor. 

The best Samsung SSD Black Friday deals?

For Black Friday 2021 we can expect some insane discounts on Samsungs SSDs if past deals are anything to go by. Last year it was possible to get a Samsung SSD with as much as $160 off if you shopped around in the right places. With that in mind, we can probably expect significant discounts on Samsungs entire range. 

All of this is probably aided by last year’s release of the 980 EVO Pro SSD. With a top contender at the high-end of Samsung’s SSD line, we’re liable to see a significant drop in the price of mid-range products. This is somewhat tempered by the ongoing chip shortage, so be sure to shop around. 

What Samsung SSD deals will there be on Black Friday?

In terms of specific deals, we’re likely to see some sizable discounts across the entire range in various places. Amazon is a good all-around location for a decent price reduction of around $80 on premium SSDs, at least if previous deals are anything to go by.

As normal, some of the best deals around are coming from places like Walmart, which have historically offered huge discounts of over $150 on some of the best SSDs Samsung has available. 

You can check out everything Samsung on our Samsung Black Friday hub.

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